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Wife loves the Filson Tote #70260 so much she decided to take a photo while out shopping. 


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I have a medium duffle in tan on the way. Planning on using it as my carry on for travelling for the next couple years.
After discussing with a sales person about travelling with a duffle over the size limits for carry on, we decided I can probably get away with packing it a bit smaller and scrunching it up if needing to prove it fits the dimensions. Thoughts?

I got a great deal on this bag so if I get it and the general consensus is i will get screwed for carry on i can sell it and get a small duffle.
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I decided to not check my Medium Filson Duffle Bag on my most recent trip to New Orleans,  and this is what it looks like stuffed under the seat in front of me.

-If you don't pack the bag to capacity it should be able to easily fit into the overhead bin or under the seat.-

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Hi everyone.. long time lurker


Im thinking of getting a Large Duffle in Tan..


Does anyone have any experience with one of these? i know they're pretty large but are they a pain to carry once fully packed? 


And i guess this question applies to anyone with a Tan bag, how do they look after being checked in 20/30 times? if I'm checking it in a lot should i go with the otter green? 

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Hey guys. Apologies if this has been asked before.


I have a black collection (not apolis) filson 256 in canvas. I believe the initial wax coating has worn off as I was caught in the rain couple of days ago and the whole bag pretty much soaked up the rain water (I'm in Singapore, rain is common and f*&^* dirty). Decided that I needed to give it a wash and I'll definitely need to rewax. Checked the thread and there's not much info albeit the occasional otter/filson oil finish wax recommendation. Has anyone got any experience with either? 

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