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I didn't know the Apolis version had the metal badge. I think the badge makes it worse.

I have a 240 in tan, I will post pics soon.

Want to get a 256 in brown. I think the 257 is a bit too big (or at least, I have no need for it when I have a 240 already).

The pic with the wide shoulder strap, I don't think it is original, could be wrong. I have seen vintage Filson bags on egay and they all have the narrow strap, with a thinner shoulder pad.
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I'd be interested in hearing how people like the Pullman as a travel bag. Thinking about getting it. Also, will probably end up getting the 257 as a backup briefcase when I travel. Already have the Filson Field Satchel but it is too small to be that effective traveling.
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The thing about Filson is, they are not lightweight. The pullman would be pretty heavy when packed, and you have to carry it on your shoulder or in hand. I'm thinking 30 lbs with clothing. If you use this bag as a carry on you will be lugging 30 lbs by hand all day. If you check it you leave it to the whims of baggage handlers, and it's not that big for a checked bag, you'd be better off checking something which can get closer to the 50 lb limit.

I've given up having stylish checked baggage for the time being. I use hideously functional ebags brand and plain large nylon duffels.
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i've just received the filson original briefcase 256 in tan with a handgrip. the bag looks great. the size is perfect for me. with a laptop and one normal sized textbook, some pencils, folders and spiral notebooks, everything fits snugly. the reason why i bought the 256 was that i didn't want something bulky. i also find it would be too uncomfortable to carry the weight of two textbooks and a laptop in a messenger bag (would need a backpack for that, and even then i rarely carry that weight). i'm 5'7 and 148lbs, btw. just thought that advice might help people who are trying to figure out whether to go with a filson 256 or 257. called in an order from crane's country store. it's best place to buy this product, as they offer the best price and fast shipping.
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Filson briefcase (Otter Green) vs Barbour briefcase (Olive), what do you guys think? anybody owns the Barbour one? http://www.barbour.com/index.cfm?fus...D=16&RangeID=4
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based on looks alone the Barbour is worse. The leather looks cheaper and is thinner. Looks like 2 layers stitched together. Filson uses single thick leather throughout.

Never seen the barbour in person tho
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never did see the Filson (otter green) in person, so not very sure about the color. still need to decide which color to take, tan or green. any REAL picture of the otter green one?
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what do you guys think i should get? i travel a lot but for a week or so at a time. never longer. anyway i've always loathed checking my luggage and i usually like to pack a suit and a few shirts jeans etc. do you think i should get a pullman? or a different filson?
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Originally Posted by chestercopperpot View Post
what do you guys think i should get? i travel a lot but for a week or so at a time. never longer. anyway i've always loathed checking my luggage and i usually like to pack a suit and a few shirts jeans etc.

*cough* Red Oxx Air Boss *cough*
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Attachment 30885
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Better pic? I don't know....Attachment 30887
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Love my 256, but wish I would have gotten a handgrip. 257 would have definitely been too big for me and the type of things I want to use it for (basically to throw in a book, couple magazines, netbook, etc.) But anyway, love the quality, the leather, the canvas, the hardware.
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Posted elsewhere as well, but here's my tan 256. I used to carry by the handles only, but for long walks around campus, the shoulder strap is nice to take the load off.
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I wanna see a real picture of otter green 256, anybody?
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Question to anyone... Which Filson would fit this stuff comfortably and not feel like it's "too cramped" in the bag? 15-inch MacBook Pro (inside a WaterField sleevecase), 2-3 magazines, large Moleskine, a few pens, a small Rhodia notepad, MacBook Pro power brick, iPhone sync cord, a small book (or two), and other small random stuff.

My inclination is to go with the 257, but if all this will fit in the 256 and not feel cramped, I might look at it instead.

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