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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Put bag in plastic bag with coffee should remove the smell

Also airing out in sun for a few days is good, might fade bag though
wool is lighter and less stiff. Sold mine as it didnt hold shape
Thanks! While not holding shape doesn't sound too awesome, I don't think it should be too much of an issue for a small field bag. Plus I had a messenger bag in tan canvas and to be honest, the material felt a bit too rough for my tastes when it was rubbing on my back/side.

What about aging and water resistance of wool though?
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Just picked up this 22" passage rolling carry-on bag. I'd never seen this particular model before, but saw it at a disount store here in Toronto and had to buy it. I don't really need it, but I figured for $74 brand new, it was better to buy first and ask questions later. Might flip it. Excuse the crappy picture quality.








Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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Winners, the one in Yorkville.

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Dayum. Nice pull.

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How can I sell my Filson 257 brown on SF? please help thank you 

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^^market place^^

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Originally Posted by f800gs View Post

^^market place^^

Thank You 

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I just got my green medium red tag tote from the clymb, but am wanting the blue instead. Anyone willing to trade? Please PM me.


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Can anyone who owns any of the wool luggage comment regarding how well it holds up over time? I'm assuming it's not at the level of the twill, but can it take a beating?
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Originally Posted by gaping46and2 View Post

I just got my green medium red tag tote from the clymb, but am wanting the blue instead. Anyone willing to trade? Please PM me.

the green is awesome. plus I have to assume that there are more of the red or blue bags out there. it will look even better beaten up/patina-ed too.
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My first bag came in today thanks to FilsonGuy. I'm thinking about getting a wheeled carry on next.

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So my large duffle is on its maiden voyage. Perfect size for a week long trip. Not so large as to be obscene, easily compactible, and large enough so I don't have to worry about space. And mostly filled, it's still under a 40lb limit I have on many trips.

The bad is that one of the folded leather connection points, where the hand strap is attached to the bag, and secured with a rivet, is cracked a decent amount. Which means that one day it's going to snap. Not great for a bag that has just started use, but its just one of those things. Will call Filson, see what they will do about it. Whether they will repair a cracked strap preventatively, or need to replace it when it snaps. Unfortunately, I really need it for 2 weeks from now, and it will certainly survive that for that long. Just don't want it snapping one day on me when I really need it.
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Hello, William! Thanks for the proxy service, it worked out great! Seemed like a nice place to work!



I ordered the large wheeled duffle from FilsonGuy on here, and the rivet that secures the leather strap to the bag actually snapped off after about a week just when I was about to leave the US. Luckily Filson was able to sort me out. They actually planned on shipping it with express overnight and the guys at Epaulet were willing to accept the shipment for me since I didn't have a hotel the last day! Unfortunately they missed the courier... 


They went the extra mile and was able to arrange for me to go Paragon Sports and swap it there, it took some time as the floor managers weren't aware of the arrangment but it was solved in the end! I'm really impressed with the customer service at Filson!

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Man we should just change this to this filson bag selling thread. There is a marketplace for this you really shouldn't be spamming here
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