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Just tested it out, my MBP 15" only really fits comfortably in the pocket indicated by the middle blue arrow. The pockets against the walls don't quite have enough room, and while it might squeeze in, there's just too much zipper to futz with that regularly.

That said, it fits very nicely into the pocket that it does, and has enough room for a sleeve for sure.
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Awesome!  Thank you.  That is the one I was hoping it would fit into.  Thanks again.

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Onward reserve doesn't ship to Canada! No! Can someone proxy a duffle haha?

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I am willing to proxy you a duffe. I am a long time lurker of this forum and I am active on other style related forums. I also have an Ebay account with almost 60 positive feedback. PM me if you want to talk. 


edit: spelling

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Originally Posted by wdahab View Post

Gilt City has $250 for $500, $100 for $200 and $50 for $100 gift cards to onward reserve here which will working a nice selection of Filsons (including 256 and 257). Use visa's 25% off referral (google for it, dont have it handy) to get even cheaper. Just bought a large duffle and 2 travel kits for a total of $200 with free shipping. smile.gif Wanted a kit anyway, and the total price hit 500 exactly. Gonna sell one kit to subsidize which would mean about $120 or so for a kit and a duffle. Hell of a deal.

This combined with Sierra Trading Posts 1000 mile boots has made today a hell of a day for copping.


Product page says it's in stock, but checkout claims it is backordered. Anyone have experience with backordered products on Onward Reserve?

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I'm looking for a proxy so I can get the 257 and the small duffle. Anyone? I live in Norway.

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Answered my own question. Called Onward Reserve and the lady said at worst, backordered items should ship in two weeks time.


Used the Visa offer on Gilt for the $500 credit (paid $200 because max discount is $50).



Small Duffle - Otter

Travel Kit - Otter

Twill Travel Tray - Otter

Briefcase - Tan


Total: $564


Paid $64 on top of the $200 for the voucher.


I'm obviously an Otter green guy and I already have a 257. As of lately been thinking it may be too big but I'd rather have extra space than run out of room.


Going to give the 256 Briefcase to my Dad as a late Father's Day Gift.


Thanks for the heads up! What a deal!

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Only one Giltcity coupon per person, otherwise I'd proxy for people. (I tried to do more, but it didn't work)
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The onward reserve deal is a great deal, better than the one I just used for my rucksack on Revolve.

I want the Medium duffle in Otter, but is out of stock, and not backordered.

Here is the link for the Visa discount
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Can anyone confirm that the shoulder strap length for the short duffle is much shorter than the strap length for the 256\257? I just got a small duffle and the shoulder strap seems absurdly short. I have to use the last hole to even approach what would I would consider a reasonable fit over the shoulder. If I measure the long part of the small duffle strap it is 37 inches. The long part of my 256 strap is about 46 inches.

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Anyone know what style of filson bag would be recommended for daily carrying of a fairly small amount of items: An iPad in a sleeve, a manilla folder or two, and a small moleskein-style journal with a little room to spare?
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Portland locations Filson denim tote bags and twill bucket bags marked down to 99 from 250
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The 256 would probably be the best fit available.

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Is it just me, or did the price of the 256 go up from $225 to $248? 

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it seems as if they're out of most filson things....would it be a bad idea to get the gilt deal and just sit on it until the filson stuff gets back in stock?

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