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brand new 257 is ready for office action

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Originally Posted by mikeman View Post

Just got my new medium traveler from cranes. This bag is awesome. Fits way more than i thought it would. I'll post more pics if anyone is interested.LL




I would like to see some more pictures if you have the time, a few with the contents shown or a list of what you have carried would be helpful.  I'm looking to pull the trigger on this before the summer, thanks.

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So, a couple weekends in with my otter green 257, and it's the perfect size. First off, it's a perfect messenger bag, it collapses to almost nothing, so that it wasn't much bulkier than a 256, and not heavy at all. Unless it's full, it's never the full 5-6" thick, so I'd definitely say that it feels much more like optional space, rather than undesired space. Maybe a bit overkill on my carry (ipad, book, glasses) but definitely proved to be versatile.

Only thing, if I had my druthers, would be fewer pockets in there. Don't need quite so many places to put things, and it makes it more difficult to find what's in there. Also, because of the handle combiner, I have to wear the bag with it and the top flap facing out. I think this is backward from how the rest of the bag is designed, especially if I put keys on the otherside's key latch.

Contents first weekend as an overnight bag: navy blazer (rolled up), 3 shirts, underwear, socks, pants, dopp kit, book, ipad, chargers, sunglasses, glasses.

Second weekend, I also used it as a dog carrier on the subway (where dogs need to be "confined"). A 10 lb. Havanese who fit comfortably in the bag. Zipped over her back, with her head free and plenty of freedom to stick out. Not so far open that should could just jump out, but no where near to being dangerously confining. She didn't mind the bag as much as she minded the subway being loud, and the dislike of being immobile. The keychain hook made for a great leash securer too.

Anyway, definitely the 257 was the right size, and the dog patina (not from anything nasty mind you) should be pretty unique over time.
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Originally Posted by PMac View Post

I'll try to pist some pictures sometime this week. I have yet to use it for travel. But Ill show you just how much stuff it fits.
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Double post
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Originally Posted by wdahab View Post

Only thing, if I had my druthers, would be fewer pockets in there. 



I just cut them out, including a whole separator across the full width. 

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which bag is versatile enough would make a good gym bag (relatively light for everyday use) and 3 day travel bag (big enough for a long weekend away)?

Medium Travel Bag: 18" W x 13" H x 11" D

[IMG]Medium Duffle Bag: 25" W x 14" H x 13" D

Filson x Levis Duffle Bag: 17" W x 10" H x 10" D

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^ I would say that the medium duffle is too big. I just got the Medium traveler, and its a great size. Probably a bit big for the gym, but it would work. The levis colab looks nice too.
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definitely the levi's bag or small duffle that size. The Medium is way too big for everyday and is suitable for a week long trip.
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oh really? medium duffle too big? I don't want something too heavy. What about in terms of organization? I would also like to carry a laptop with my gym gear, is that possible?
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From what I've seen, the duffle would be too big, plus it doesn't have an organization. The medium traveler has 4 outside pockets, and 2 inside. My laptop (15 inch MBP) fits in one the interior or exterior.
Here's a picture of a stuffed medium duffle.
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holy shit that is HUGE!

Maybe i'll go for the traveller bag then. Any other good options in navy?
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Not available in navy but the sportsmans is a good option

Definitely don't get the medium duffle. I have one and its enormous. Easily can fit a weeks worth of shit.
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I have a large duffle that I used for a month long trip. I kind of regretting the purchase, it is too big to be used otherwise. shog[1].gif
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thanks for the advice.

I have a tan 257. Should i just buy a tan to make up a set or get something in Navy.

I tihnk medium traveller (navy) will do, or small duffle in Tan.
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