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Public School NYC Clothing Brand

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I recently became a big fan of an NYC based brand called Public School. They have been getting a lot of good press recently. Most of their clothing is all black. They make some of the best leather jackets I have ever seen. After attending their 1st sample sale, I'm REALLY a fan.

Here is the site www.publicschoolnyc.com

I'll post some of the items that I own.

Anyone else hear about this brand before?
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I spent a few minutes checking out the website. This is not my cup of tea. The leather jackets seem to be overdesigned imo and the fit seems a bit sloppy for a lot of the pieces. I may perhaps have been interested in some of the items if I were back in high school, so if this the intended audience then it's not a bad job I suppose.
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Thanks! I was just wondering where I could pay designer prices for stuff that looks like mid tier uniqlo. Who needs design school when you have rich parents/investors anyway?
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It's not that bad. At least it's not over-branded and obnoxiously colored like most other streetwear/urbanwear brands. I agree with the comment about the jackets being over-designed and the comment about them being over-priced. For those prices people here could get mid-level brands with a level of quality that is higher (Wing & Horns, EG, etc...) If those are the nicest leathers you have ever seen and you live in NYC, you must not get out much.
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Looks a tad faux-urban hip street-gangy to me.
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It's all right, but it is way overpriced for what it is. This is cool though: http://www.publicschoolnyc.com/store.../public-school
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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Looks a tad faux-urban hipster street-gangy to me.

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Another "brand" that will fade into Bolivian in a year or so.
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Does anyone know where I can find the hats that their models are wearing? I pretty much called every single store that carries Public School, but none of them no anything about these hats. Do these hats have a name?

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Google is giving me a malware warning for the site and it doesn't load properly when I actually get in, often the malware warning will pop up again. Anyone else?

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