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Socks with sneakers/jeans

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OK - I just picked up a pair of blue Hurley Choice sneakers (white rubber toes) that kind of look like Chucks.

My question is, if I'm wearing these with jeans, do I wear socks?

If I wear socks with them, what color socks?

I'm thinking of sporting a Mickey Mouse ringer t-shirt, my Lucky jeans and my Mani 3-button blue blazer with these tomorrow, but can't figure out the sock thing
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I would say white or blue.
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Gray or blue. I hate white socks though, too stark even for white shoes.
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Gray socks are an easy default for denim. Argyles work well too, or any random color that doesn't clash too much. No white, no black. I have some orange (Perry Ellis, I think) socks and some very light blue CK socks I wear with denim a lot when the socks can be seen. With my bright red Sambas I sometimes wear some Pantherella less-bright-red argyles. I tried my pair of bright red argyles though and it looked ridiculous.
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Grey, blue, or beige/cream, depending on the sneaker. Always solids for me. The argyle thing is cool, just not my steez.
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there're these heel socks that just peep out of your sneaker, you could try those?
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