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Can I wear Denim on Denim? - Page 2

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If you like it, go for it -- conforming to the status quo shouldn't be more important than truly enjoying something you're wearing.
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eh not true. i don't think crocs should be worn even if the wearer enjoys them.
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Sure, why not? It works for Britney!

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^ His sleeves are too long and there's too much break in the pants. This is no valid evidence for anything!

I'd say no. It will look rather unstylish on 99 of 100 people. You could top it with an additional jacket made from denim... and call yourself Dr. Raw Denim, 6 months unwashed super-hero.
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I have to politely but firmly state that it does NOT work for Britney, although as already pointed out, the fella (is that JT?) looks a whole lot worse, chiefly due to very poor fit.

If you are going to attempt the look, try contrasting colours (i.e. black jeans and not-too-dark blue jacket), and at least make sure the fit is good.
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Originally Posted by Zenny View Post
Someone please post the link to the denim suit thread.

Your wish is my command.
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Can. Don't.
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Not with both in blue. Denim suit? Please no.
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You definitely can: as long as your denim has significant contrast
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