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I've used both teh black marker method and asking my tailors to sew up an small hole to keep it from exapanding. I wouldn't re-weave unless it was cosmetically necessary.

If you are in NYC and want to go ahead with weaving, I recommend Zotta's in Mid-town; they usually charge $50ish for an average job and do decent work.
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Originally Posted by rip
Reweaving ain't cheap! I can't tell what size the damaged area is from your picture, but any size is probably going to cost you at least $100, probably more; $100 for the suit + $100 for mending... you do the math. It's not such a good deal since you can frequently pick up Oxxford suits in perfect condition on Ebay for less than $200.

Yes, but this is the first Oxxford I've seen in my size since February. That's why I snatched it up.
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