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Brooks pocket squares -- cheap!

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I've got some Brooks Brothers pocket squares to discount. There are three in all. I'm selling them cheap because they all have some small flaw. Some might just need a good cleaning, but it's up to you to decide if you want to take the chance. Retail is $35.

First up is a navy with yellow dots. It's my personal favorite, and in perfectly usable condition. It has a small pick, however, and some light scratches. But there's nothing I can tell that would keep it from being perfectly serviceable. Asking $15.

Here's a closeup of the pick, as best as I can manage with a crappy cam. It's pretty tiny.

Next we have an orange and blue. (I think it's orange; I'm colorblind. Check the pic.) It has a small smudge and a tiny spot. Both could be hidden fairly easily, I imagine. Asking $14.

Here are closeups of the smudge and the spot. The coin is a dime, for perspective. Sorry they're not more clear.

Last up is a yellow with navy trim. This one has the largest problem, sizewise, but it might be the best candidate for rehabilitation. A trip to the dry cleaner could, possibly, remove it altogether. Or it might not. Either way, you can tuck the affected end away and no one will ever know. Here's a pic, though I fear part of the smudge has been washed out. It's a bit larger than a quarter overall. It's not terrible, but it's there. Because of that, I'm offering this one for only $12.

Shipping would be $4.35 for priority mail, $2.50 if you don't mind a padded envelope and regular mail. If you want all three, I'll sell 'em as a lot for $37.50. Payment by PayPal, please. PM me if interested.
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First and only price reduction: Now all three are going for $30. PM if interested.
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