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Barney's warehouse sale

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When is it? And do you know when the secondary and tertirary markdowns occur? I need to restock my disposable dress shirt supply.
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It's usually in the spring, I'll let you know for sure later if you're still interested.
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Are you talking about this? If you are, it started yesterday. I think I might head out to it tonight after work.
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Thanks for the link, I think I'll stop by this evening too. On a side note, maybe someone could explain this: I went to Off 5th in orange county looking for some dress shirts for cheap. I found a white dress shirt by zegna that was supposed to retail for $200. I almost bought it, but decided to try it on first. Immediately, I could tell something was wrong, the material was not as fine at all, (it was thick and unrefined). I inspected the buttons, they were not double thick, nor were they mother of pearl (the were plastic.). I was shocked. I've heard that some companies make things of lesser quality for the sole purpose of being sold in outlet stores, but I thought this bordered on being fraud. Maybe there is a reasonable explaination...?
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Zegna has LOTS of different lines. Sport, Soft, Napoli, etc. so the shirt you tried on was likely from a lower end Zegna line. Could have also been a sample or custom one off, who knows.
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I have to agree with Renault here. I've seen a lot of inferior Zegna shirts (with the regular Zegna label, no soft, sport, or any such diffusion line) being sold at Off Fifth stores. Sadly I found this out firsthand made the mistake of blowing a good chunk of money (well, considering the crappiness of the shirt) on one to find out (I needed a plain white shirt asap and was told I was not allowed to try it on and that I couldn't return the shirt when I took it out of the packaging... it was folded up and packaged, not on a hanger). The worst part was that at the time I was inexperienced enough to assume that it was a quality shirt simply because of all the good things I had heard about Zegna; then I bought a Zegna shirt on sale at a real Sak's and it had thick buttons and soft fabric that didn't feel like tissue paper. FYI the nice mainline Zegna shirts I see at Sak's and Neiman's are all made in Spain; the crappy one was made in Italy.
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Update: I went to the barney's sale last night. They mostly sold "Barneys" brand stuff, but I was surprised how good the selection was. Furthermore, things were organized by size (for the most part), so it wasn't too hard to navigate. I ended up getting 4 barneys dress shirts (50% off) and a pair of armani slacks (70% off). The dress shirts weren't anything special [double-stitched, plastic buttons] but good staples at a reasonable price. If you're in the neighborhood, I'd suggest you take a look. Lots of suits, outerwear, slacks, and shirts. Relatively few shoes and ties.
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Renault- How was the jean selection? Or was that non-existant? Let me know. Thanks. Cheers, LDawg
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Jean selection was pretty sparse, maybe one row or so. Very little in the most common sizes...
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Renault78law - Where are the Off 5th and Barney's sales in Orange County?
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Off 5th is at The Block, I think the city is Anahiem. The Barney's sale is over, and I believe it was only in LA.
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FYI, the city is Orange.
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