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Chrome hearts--opinions?

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Hey all, I was just curious as to what board members thought of the rocker label Chrome Hearts. I received one of their silver rings as a x-mas gift from my twin sister (what a girl). I really like it and enjoyed a few pieces I saw at a great Chicago store called George Greene (thanks for the tip Steve B). Most of their stuff is over the top (ex/ "F*ck You" embroidered on t-shirt sleeves etc.) but i saw some sweaters and leather pieces w/ their beautiful sterling hardware details. I dig it and am going to the boutique in NYC on my trip next week. What do you guys think of Chrome Hearts? Do you think it's for the Osbourne's only? Cheers, pete
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To me chrome hearts is WAY overpriced. They have some cool pieces (especially if you go for the Rock 'n' Roll / goth/ biker look) but their stuff always just reminds me a bit of Alchemy gothic stuff but 5 times more expensive. See comparison here: and although there are some cool pieces like this:
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Hey Renwick, I see your comparison. You're right on with how I feel too. I like pieces here and there... That Jackets pretty damn cool and I've seen a few shirts I like with small silver details. I enjoy the ring I received (had to get a new size, so I don't have the new one yet) because it's masculine and in a design that appeals to me (it doesn't scream deat metal like some things.) Here's a pic I found on the net: You won't see me in chains, pendants or extremely scary pieces... I'll save that for the real rockers. I like to mix up styles in my wardrobe. I think it'll serve me well for that. Just curious if anyone else enjoyed their pieces. Take Care, Pete
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I like how the ring seems to be made of links- are they functional? I like a few of their pieces. Most designers have a few good pieces and a few that are bad. Overall, I'd say that I really don't care for that brand but they have a few pieces that are really cool.
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Actually, I think you're talking about the bracelet (big picture). Mine is like the one that has a large cross type insignia on the face. It's the florid, single fleur de lis type design. Cheers, Pete
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Ahh. For some reason I overlooked it, I feel foolish now. I like that ring.
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Thanks man--Hehe don't feel foolish. At least it's not that "other" forum where you can't breathe without a negative comment. I like the Style Forum and how we use it for its purpose. BTW Renwick. I saw a skinny Helmut Lang tie on sale for 30$ at Barney's a few weeks back and was reminded of your previous posts. I should of bought it just to have one for fun... Cheers, Pete
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I know that this doesn't at ALL apply to Chrome Hearts, but on the subject of rings: Has anyone seen the new Armani ring collection? Esquire had a teeny picture of a silver/wood 'swirl' that I would REALLY like to own but I haven't seen any of it in stores. Have you seen them State-side? European Interloper
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