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Who else has that Barba collar roll ... I love that look.

Luigi Borrelli shirts have nice roll collars.

Finnamore also does a nice roll collar.
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I love Barba shirts. I have never worn any dress shirts that fit this well as Barba shirts do. The collar is amazing like Borrelli, fabric looks cool and feel real nice, and the cut is really really amazing as well.
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I just wore a gold label Barba yesterday. Borrelli with their perfect spread collar is great. Also, Luciano Barbera does a great dress shirt also.

Borrelli just has the perfect spread collars. Finamore has great patterns, and I love them also. What's also nifty is buying them for less than $150 consistently.
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I to love Barba shirts and have owned many that are just about to expire after about ten years of great wear. What is nice about the Barba fit is that it traces the body and makes you feel good about your physique no matter how good of shape you are in.
I knew when we opened our store that our demographic whould not support that price point so we selected a brand that I used to sell that merchandised along side Barba called Aster. These shirts are also made in Naples but do not have the hand made details that Barba does. The quality and fit is remarkable and if you were not fussy about hand stitched yolks,collars and button holes these might be for you. We retail these shirts from $165.00 to $245.00 and have a loyal following for them. Try to find them in your town or call me for an update on our fabric choice for the season.

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