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Fashion victim

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This past weekend while in Milan, I ran observed a man who was dressed so hideously that it's worthy of a post. To say the least, he was the epitome of a fashion victim. I wish I had a photograph, words will not do justice. I'll start with the shoes, which were tan, snake skin, cowboy boots. From there he had darker brown, snake skin, pants. On top was a leopard print blazer paired with a matching leopard print vest. All this on top of a blue silk button down shirt with "Versace" written all over it in small white letters. Mind you, this was inside a restaurant during lunch, but that didn't stop him from wearing HUGE Gucci silver framed sunglasses. The hair was long, dyed blond, and slicked back in a sleazy fashion. Now for the best part... This guys was at least 50 years old, pushing 60.. When got up to leave I noticed a butterscotch colored, lambskin, trenchcoat, which led me to ask... How many animal prints/skins is one regulated to wear without looking obscene? Anyone have a simillar story or sighting? And damn I wish I had a picture.
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On the first day of fifth grade I remember all the guys walking around around with their jeans on backwards. That was bad, dozens of guys dressed like idiots because of some bad rap video. I also have to mention those overweight women that have no problem walking around in spandex. -Foster "The first and last thing required of genius is the love of truth." "Everything great and intelligent is in the minority." - Goethe
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KRIS KROSS WILL MAKE YOU, JUMP. JUMP. lol i remember that ;p
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