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Greetings-1st post on SF

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Having read SF for a while, and noting that members often add information about their life depending on the subject, (and that the registration process has a number of background information questions) I decided on my initial post to describe a variety of things that would likely come up piecemeal; at the very least in the future I could simply indicate "see post 1".

I'm 58, retired after thirty years in labor relations. My wife and I live in a traditional cape cod on a treed acre on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon; near the smaller town of Lake Oswego-which I've heard is similar to Scarsdale NY. The house is traditionally furnished and we remodeled several years ago adding a professional grade kitchen, among other things. I drive a Lexus GX SUV and my wife a Prius, so we are more or less ecologically balanced. My daughter attends Kenyon college in Ohio. From the time she was eight we traveled every year first in the US then a number of times to Europe. When she left for college we did one year of mostly non stop travel and now visit from time to time our favorites here including NYC, Cape Cod, Pebble Beach and the Oregon coast. My wife has family in Indian Wells/Palm Desert CA where we spent several weeks last year but with the recent addition of two new puppies here at home-a 6 month old cock a poo for my wife and my 5 month old german shorthair pointer our trips will likely be short.

Now for the important issue-clothes. My wardrobe and interests developed (and developing) over a number of years currently include: Suits-Oxxford super 110s/120s; Sport coats-(Oxxford to come) Zegna wool, silk and linen/Harris tweed-Silver/BB-3 Piana by BB-corduroy/camel/super 110s DB Blazer-all suits + sport coats with working button holes; Ties-Hermes/Kiton/Brioni/Talbott 7 fold/best of class/Borrelli/Isaia/Drake/Zegna/Pendleton/2 tartans from Scotland that I'm entitled to wear; Belts-Ferregamo calf with brass buckle/coach calf/orvis bridle leather/2 Paul + Shark ribbon belts; Dress shirts-Turnbull + Asser, Borrelli, Zegna couture, Mercer (Charvet to come); Trousers-wool-Incotex, Zanella-(Oxxford to come) cuffed/pleated;cotton-Incotex-plain front uncuffed + Bills' Khakis M2 cuffed plain front; corduroy-RLPL, Incotex;Walking shorts/swim trunks-Paul and Shark; LS cotton shirts-Zegna, Paul + Shark, Barbera, Borrelli, Piana; SS cotton shirts-Zegna, Paul and Shark, RLPL, Bobby Jones, Smedley, Piana, Celli; Sweaters-cashmere-Piana, Cucinelli, Silver; Wool-Zegna, McGregor, Pendleton (Andover shetlands to come); camel hair-Orvis made in Scotland; cotton-Piana, Cucinelli, BB sea island, Crossings, Paul and Shark; Shoes-Weston loafer, AE tan kiltie(?), 3 JL Prestige, Tod's driving, Orvis/Trask camp moccasin with fly embossed, Gokey moccasins, Paul and Shark boat shoes; Boxers-Zimmerli (thanks Alex); Socks-Pantherella; Pajamas-Derek Rose (Turnbull and Asser to come);Coats-Burberry trench with camel insert, Navy BB Piana storm Polo with working button holes, LP storm mid length walking coat, Pendelton (old) camel wool car coat, Zegna leather car coat, Barbera leather button front jacket, Piana short wind breaker, Normandy and Monroe ventile wind breaker, Paul and Shark Yachting jacket/vest; Briggs Umbrella from Cable Car-SF and 2 Cable Car English walking sticks + 1 Orvis wood duck walking stick; Hartmann briefcase and luggage; Scully notepad; Outdoor wear-Dents gloves, Kangol cap, Barbour Beaufort, Chameau boots, Millar Irish walking hat, Willis + Geiger and Zero King baseball caps along with a nantucket red one from Maine, Gokey oxford/ankle boots, Gates English garden boots, Orvis rubber moccasins, Mephisto walkers. I wear a rolex and an orvis watch.

In my trouser pockets are a Montegrappa silver pen, Smythson wallet and diary, coach coin purse, BB/Luxottica glasses, a Kent comb and a LG cell phone.

Stores/catalogs I frequent-Marios in Portland for Pantherella, Weston, Tods, Piana/, Zegna, Cucinelli, Ties, Barbera, Borrelli; John Helmer in Portland for hats, Bill's Khakis, Dents gloves and other accessories; Mercer; Ben Silver for ties, sweaters, tweed; Maus and Hoffman in Florida for Paul and Shark; Bullock and Jones in SF for Paul and Shark, Derek Rose; Cable Car clothiers in SF for Briggs umbrellas, english walking sticks; Neiman Marcus in SF for John Lobb, Incotex, Turnbull and Asser; Wilkes Bashford in SF for Oxxford, Borrelli, Celli, RLPL; Brooks Brothers by mail for LP sport coats/top coats; Orvis for outdoor stuff/dog stuff; British Sporting for Chameau boots, ties; Alex Kabbaz for Zimmerli. My wife and I will be in NYC later this month and I look forward to visiting shops on 57th, Fifth and Madison and finding someone I can work long distance with especially at Bergdorf's, Turnbull and Asser and Oxxford.

As I am writing this I'm sitting in the basement/den/bar with green paneling, a green granite well stocked bar, with bookshelves full of many decoys, wildlife art on the walls, fly fishing books and equipment (unfortunately little used along with two old town canoes in the garage), model cars and several bookshelves of espionage novels. In the room off the den is a large model railroad area with LGB german trains and my Bordeaux collection. It's a good life when a normal day is exercising the dogs, reading, the normal household duties, doing an afternoon walk with my pointer in our rural feeling quiet neighborhood, some good scotch in the evening, maybe some sports on tv and both SF and AAAC to read.

I posted this in both forums because as I think you can see I'm probably both. Certainly the Preppie Handbook (not entirely but mostly trad) would approve of the ducks, cars, dogs and many of the clothes here. But there is a good deal of Italian and English (and Scottish!) influence as well.

I hope to continue to learn from those of you in both forums and to participate when I have something to contribute.. One of the things I have greatly appreciated in reading the forums has been the general ability of people not to take themselves, or clothes! too seriously. A number of years ago when I put together the LGB train set I have I joined the national club. I lasted a year because of the impassioned and sometimes vitriolic opinions expressed by the members toward each other. Life is too short and there are a few things in life to take very seriously and they don't include model trains, wine, decoys or clothes.

I apologize for the length of this post but for the reasons I said initially I hope it covers many things I might otherwise post individually; at least I can refer to it for future posts. (Obviously the number of posts I have is inconsequential to me)

Thanks again and I look forward to reading posts from you all.

Portland, Oregon

(I actually have a clothes question that I'll post shortly)
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Welcome aboard!
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I will add my welcome. Although I only skimmed the extensive catalog of your wardrobe, you are obviously a tasteful, well-furnished gentleman...much better clad than I am to be sure!
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Nice to see someone here from Oregon.

Go Ducks!
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Welcome, Sir, I too am a model railroader and clothes enthusiast!
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