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This is a re-post of my post on SuperFuture. ---- Ordered August 23. After a wait of 95 days, it FINALLY arrived yesterday, November 25... TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. Hey, good job Grapist. Fight your way out of this one:
Originally Posted by thegrapist - TO SOME RANDOM GUY ON PAGE 10
You told me 10 days before you were moving that you were moving, and I told you that I'd ship it that same day, and that there was a good chance it wouldn't arrive in time, and that giving me a different address to ship would be best, but you never did. I really would've appreciated if you gave me a heads up to see what was going on before you filed a charge back.
Excuses? Please. I don't care how busy you are, but if you're too busy to make a 30 second edit, then you're not worthy of my business. The reason I told you to ship to the new address is because I don't even live there anymore. Lucky for me that the new people have my number and called me once it arrived. That would've been good, you know, to have lost $100 in shirts after more than 3 months of complete uncertainty. I still need to go pick up my package, so I don't know if you included extra, or even, god-forbid, forgot something. And that doesn't even mention that it took 13 days to ship from NYC. I've never heard of 13 day ground from NYC --> LA, regardless of whether or not 3 of those days fell on Thanksgiving rush. He was just stalling, as usual, I bet. Totally unforgivable. DO NOT order from Grapist. - - - - MINUS MINUS - - - - - .......
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So... who else has been ripped off?

I placed an order in June. I still have not received anything. I was told two months ago that I would be receiving my stuff within a few weeks, but still nothing.
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I received my order from "The Grapist" a few weeks ago and am very happy with my AA T-shirts and hoodie It certainly took a long time and I got somewhat concerned but in the end everything worked out fine Definitively not a scam Thanks for the T-shirts Grapist; the fit is exellent and the quality is fine as well!
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Still nothing since May... Supposedly shipped out, but that was 1 month ago. I think everyone is getting concerned b/c its taking so long. I'd just like the stuff to show up one day, not have this thing turn out as a fiasco.
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Hartmann, yours got sent back to me so I sent it out the other day via Global Express. EC 917 049 798 US is your tracking number with Everyone who hasn't gotten their stuff for some reason right now will be getting them, please just trust me.
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