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Tsekh: We have been in the process of scripting, shooting and editing our official how-to videos, expect them into the fall of this year!


otc: That is a great idea for a starter package, we appreciate it. We have offered our Combo Pack Small for years, but it includes our Water Shield, not the Cleaner. The reason we have not had a packaged Cleaner bundle is due to the Cleaner being originally created and produced on the side by our financial and marketing expert under the brand name White Jaguar. It stayed under this branding to test as a fledgling product to verify it's market acceptance. As things go, it was a huge hit and we only recently incorporated it into the Obenauf's family.


I most definitely understand the great benefits of Amazon Prime, but we have been focused on our internal online sales to this point, due to a handful of reasons. With that said, we are always looking to expand. This next year will be big for our online expansion across the board and we do not know where that will take us. We will be branching out and offering specials, contests and incentives as time progresses. Our Facebook will be our means for announcements, contests and news - give us a like, drop us some questions and stay connected.

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I applied Obenaufs to my White`s SD just a couple weeks ago. Didn`t want to toss it in the oven so I just left it under the sun but not to the point that the sun would make the leather completely dry. Just dry enough for me to brush the excess and I got it to shine really well.
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whats the difference between the LP and the oil?  i placed an order thinking it was LP but it ended up being oil, now i'm debating using it or returning...

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Originally Posted by Idabble View Post

whats the difference between the LP and the oil?  i placed an order thinking it was LP but it ended up being oil, now i'm debating using it or returning...


I use the oil on 3 pair of Bison leather boots. It sinks into the leather deeply and quickly without any, or much, residue on the surface. I use HDLP on all of my hunting and hiking boots. The oil treated Bison boots are not as waterproof as the HDLP treated boots but they also don't see near the amount of exposure to the elements as they do. One thing I haven't seen here is that what ever you do clean those boots well and let them dry completely before treating. I use saddle soap and a knuckle brush which works well for me.
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I've seen this topic address many times now, but have never been able to find an adequate answer. Please forgive the repetitiveness -  if this post is a problem I can delete it. 


I've used Obenaufs in the past, but I'm based in the UK now and the shipping and import duty is insane on this stuff. 


Has anyone in the UK ever found a natural beeswax-based LP similar to the magic stuff? 


Or, has anyone used Sedgewick?


Or Oakwood?


Also, is a "conditioner" different to a true LP or is that just a UK/US English difference? 


I found about it recently from the Equus' website and it seems to have some similar properties. It's cheap enough that I can give it a go, but I don't want to muck-up my boots. 


I'm looking for an LP that can help my boots withstand the dreary London winter and an oil that can put some life back into my favourite jacket. 


Thanks for your help!

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Restocked with the combo pack....wanted to try out the oil and realized that LP + Oil costs as much as the LP + Oil + Water sheild combo pack.

Not letting the silicone based water shield get anywhere near my leather...but it says it works on fabric. Figured I would spray a couple of coats on this big old backpack I have where the rubberized lining has mostly worn away....if I bike/motorcycle in the rain, stuff inside gets wet.
Got one coat on and will probably do another once I get home...will update next time it rains with how well it works on nylon.
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Can anyone comment on using the oil on something like a leather jacket? I have a Banana Republic jacket I wouldn't mind giving new life to; I know there was a thread about someone LP'ing their RRL leather but I was wondering if the oil would have a similar effect.

I'm going to oil + LP my 1000 miles and some old DB's I have kicking around - the DBs are pretty ratty so I'm excited to see how they turn out.
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I oiled my motorcycle jacket after getting stuck in the rain.

I will continue to do so whenever it feels really soaked it up (but never started to feel oily or anything) and the color didn't really change although it was already a fairly dark brown.
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The oil is great for nourishing particularly dry or thick leather. Otherwise, I have been happy with just using LP, which is still fairly oily. You should be careful about applying too much oil to thinner leathers because it prevents them from breathing, causing it to eventually rot.
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I recently used some Kiwi shoe polish on a pair of soft leather wingtip boots. It was a bit difficult to buff out, and it seems to be scuffing easily. I want to use Obenauf's LP -- would saddle soap get the old polish off?

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Saddle soap isn't a great idea. Are you sure you need obenauf's, does the leather need conditioning? I would get some high-quality cream-based polish and rub it in thoroughly, then go for a buff. The wax-based polish should mostly come off in the process.
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They probably don't need conditioning, no. Is there a specific cream you would recommend? 

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As far as waterproofing and HDLP Russell Moccasin has a good article on cleaning and waterproofing leather boots. When I had my custom Grand Slam Sheep Hunters made is when I first switched to HDLP. And always clean my boots with saddle soap first.


Not long ago I did several of my boots and took pics, I find it easier to do them in groups.


At start ready to get cleaned. Left to right AE Bayfield in CXL, Meindl Perfekt Hikers, Meindl Perfekt Hunters, Russell GS Sheep Hunters. 



After saddle soaping and letting dry well. The Bayfields have been treated with Saphir Renovator.



After treating with HDLP and ready for another bird hunting season and winter.



They kept me dry even in cattail sloughs pheasant hunting in SD and in the Mn. Arrowhead ruff grouse hunting. Been using HDLP for at least 7 years now, it works.


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For treating Red Wing Hawthorne Iron Rangers, would the LP be a better alternative to mink oil?

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I bought a pair of Red Wing Beckman's and applied a coat of LP, to help protect the leather from the elements rain/sleet/snow. Will it help with salt as well?

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