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^looking good! but personally i feel that you could have applied the Leather Oil first before the LP since the leather looks pretty dry But now you already had LP on, the leather oil could have problem getting absorbed now..
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Hi. Need your advice on using the LP on my year old Timberland 77593 (Men's City Adventure Stormbuck Chelsea satisfied.gif) The surface feels very soft and gives that spongy effect when you wipe it with your hands. Is this oil treated leather or some kinda suede/nubuck? Below is a sample picture - not mine.


The description says the following:

Practical innovation and top quality leathers are two of the things we do best. The Stormbuck collection brings these two talents to life on city streets, combining the formal look of a classic oxford with a high-performance shock-absorbing midsole layer that provides supreme all-day support for your feet. It's a great multi-purpose urban shoe built to take on all that the city can throw at it.

* Premium smooth waterproof leather upper
* Exclusive anti-fatigue comfort architecture provides all-day comfort and support
* Stretch gore panel in collar for easy on and off
* Moisture-wicking lining made with 50% recycled PET
* Timberland’s exclusive Gripstick™ traction rubber compound offers excellent grip on all surfaces

I've the Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP & Leather Oil as well as Redwing Mink Oil, Leather Oil and Cream. Which one can I use with best results?

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^^ Can't really say for sure without seeing/touching them but I don't think it is suede or nubuck. Suede doesn't really go well with water so I don't think they would make any waterproof boot using it. At least I haven't seen any.
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^^prolly oiled leather.
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Thanks guys. So is it safe to use LP or oil on this pair?
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Originally Posted by Grolsch View Post

Thanks guys. So is it safe to use LP or oil on this pair?

It'll change the colour a lot, but looks that way.

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It won't hurt. Weatherproofing on shoes wears off over time. Treating it with LP will condition the leather and help protect it from the elements.
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Does anyone have any experience using Obenauf's LP on a pair of Alden 403s (the Chromexcel). How much does it darken them? I need to weatherproof them but am concerned about losing the color.
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Which color chromexcel? I've used LP on tan CXL, and it darkened just a little. But, it brings out the color of the leather quite nicely. The best thing to do is to test it on an inconspicuous area, such as the bottom of the tongue, and see how you like it.
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If its the dark burgandy one, there isn't any noticeable darkening.
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where can i buy online
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what would i use on green rafstros?
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Originally Posted by irbe View Post

If its the dark burgandy one, there isn't any noticeable darkening.

It is indeed the dark burgundy one (Alden Indy 403).

So I should not worry too much about darkening the leather with Obenaufs? It should stay about the same shade?
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Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post

You can if you want to apply on the sole. Don't think it is necessary. Use the blow dryer to heat up the leather to "open up" its pore. It is supposed to make it absorb much better and faster.

Never done it on leather soled boots, but I have used sno seal (just ran out of a can that probably came from the 70's...will replace with LP since it seems to be incrementally better and even at double the price, when a jar lasts that long, who cares about the $$) on the rubber sole of my katahdin boots.

Warmed them in an oven set to "warm" and did the uppers and then took a toothbrush dipped in sno seal and went at the parts of the sole where the stitching goes through. Seems like the heat allowed the wax to melt and wick into the thread and seal it all the way up to the welt. I did this before ever seriously wearing them, but they don't have any problems with water seeping in through the stitching with a fresh application.
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Anyone have photos of Obenauf's LP applied to the AE Ashbury?

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