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Barcelona or London: Where should I go?

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ok I have never been to either city, but this year I have my annual at-client-expense trip to Europe, and every year I tack on a trip to somewhere within an acceptable radius of either Paris or Toulouse. So, on the first week of June, Matt gets a holiday.

I had all but decided on Barcelona (evening train ride from Toulouse) but was also thinking about London.

I have never been to either city, and will have about 5-6 days there.

I have free accommodation in either city.

Put it to the vote - where do you guys think I should go?

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Barcelona. London is a great city, but it's not as much fun as Barcelona. Plus there's no dearth of culture and sights. Not sure about shopping. I was only there for a weekend.
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London - great museums, great beer, pretty good chinese food (like that is what you need, right?), great, but expensive mens shopping, loose, drunk, pale skinned women, somewhat dangerous nightlife

Barcelona - great indiginous food, fantastic ham, great wine, great nightlight, hot women, great archetecture

my feeling is, if I hadn't been to either I would go to London first. Now, I think Barcelona would be my choice for a trip
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London, most definitely, since you haven't been. I think it's one of those essential destinations. In addition to the attributes described by the above posters, add excellent Indian food (if that's your thing), and excellent fine dining. London has amazingly become a culinary center. Certainly not on par with Paris, but excellent nonetheless, with an excellent range of contemporary to formal options.

Clothes shopping in London is far and away better than Barcelona. Don't you want to see the storied Savile Row or Jermyn Street, and many of the shops that have been referenced on these boards? That's one of the things I did on trip there last year. It was kind of cool to see them in person.

Plus, your accomodation would be paid for -- that's key, as hotels in London, as with everything else there, can be expensive. Having someone else pay the bill would be a huge factor for me.

The real question is what do you want? To party? Then Barcelona is the place to go.

My twopence.
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Dude you get your suits for $200. Forget shopping and hit Barcelona like a 24 hour party person.

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London obviously has better shopping, though expect sticker shock even at the GAP, and I sort of like the pale skinned, English Rose look. There are, of course, plenty of museums, historicla monuments, etc... if you want to see some culture. The good food is expensive. Of course, if you can survive on kebabs, you're set! The nightlife is somewhat dangerous. The English have the propensity to beat each other up when drunk, but most people can avoid staying out of trouble. Plus, everyone who goes out seems to be looking to get laid.

Barcelona has much worse shopping and much better nightlife. Dinner starts at 10, and some clubs open at midnight, so go figure. The women are beautiful (and there will be plenty of British, American and German women there too,) and while I say that your odds are slimmer, hey, you might just be a lot better looking and cooler than I am. Food is great - I'd go to Barcelona for the Tapas alone. Don't get pickpocketed though (the Barrio Chino and Las Ramblas are the best places to get yourself ripped off, especially drunk, at night), or get in a fight with the street kids. (The first happened to me; I came an inch away from the second. Funny thing about those street kids is that you call one out, and a hundred of them step up. They all know each other or something.)

Both cities are great to visit. For energy though, I'd definitely hit up Barcelona.
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Originally Posted by tiger02
Dude you get your suits for $200. Forget shopping and hit Barcelona like a 24 hour party person.


Fuck London, and go fuck Barcelona.

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London. Absolutely London. How could you belong to men's tailored clothing forum and choose NOT going to London? Don't you want to see all the shops people here are talking about? Also, make side trip to Northampton.

I agree with GFM. With London so much much more expensive you should took advantage of the all-expenses-paid offer and pick London.

But with discount air fare so ridiculously low, why not do both? 3-4 days in London, 2 in Barcelona.
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and here's my question - how do you get your clients to fly you places? I am always flying customers places, they never return the favor!!!
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Originally Posted by LA Guy
I sort of like the pale skinned, English Rose look.
I gazed in wonder for a good 7-10 minutes at the girl in this painting in the Frick:$17749
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