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Paperweight collecting.

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Does anyone collect paperweights? I feel this may be a fruitful field to venture into as it is particularly obscure and rather obsessive, reminding me of Sir John Soane. King Farouk, Eva Peron, and Oscar Wilde were well-known collectors. One of King Farouk's pieces, the Pantin Silkworm, sold for $143,000 in the '80s.
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I collect many odd things, but not paperweights. The only paperweight I own, however, is a very interesting piece -- a three-inch bronze disc about a quarter-inch thick that says "Tokyo Municipal Government" on it (in English) with an interesting but apparently meaningless relief design and painted hunter green in the recessed areas.

Unfortunately, I do not have it with me to post a picture.
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I think paperweights are pretty silly. I'd rather just use a similarly sized sculpture, knife, block of wood, Faberge egg, etc. There's of course nothing wrong with collecting anything.
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