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Well...time for senior pictures...

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Hey, its time for me to get my senior pictures, and i don't know what to wear. I want to stay away from the standard (yawn) jacket, dress shirt, tie. Anyone have ideas on how to get away from this, but still look acceptable? Thanks, ben
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Most of my friends wear nice sweaters or dessy-casual shirts. I don't like the standard tux for guys/ drape for girls that goes in the yearbook. It's just too dull. If you were to pose in the tux and get more than just a bust of yourself in the picture, that would be cool. Also, find a location outdoors that you like to have as a nice background setting. Basically, whatever you want, you can get.
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What did you mean by "still look acceptable"? Is the general rule of thumb at your school to use the jacket-tie combo which isn't at all a bad look, but when everyone has it AND the fact that the photographers simply get a very close-up dull view of your bust (upper chest and face) makes it a little monotonous. Not that your face is dull, but you know what I mean.
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It dosn't really matter what you will wear. What matters so much more is how your hair looks. Everyone that i know that looks back on thier picture hardly ever remarks on what they were wearing, but rather about thier hair style. So watch out. You need that day to be the best hair day of your life; good luck.
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Mike C. I'm sure you've eased his nerves, haha. But you've got a point. I love looking back on yearbooks from the 80s, and- it's true- the most noticeable mistakes are hairstyles.
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Jacket tie thing is not necessarily the worst> just mkae it fit your personlity. Funk it up with a funky tieand an unconventional shirt. Or don't wear a tie and have your collar open. Make sure the shirt looks good. If you do the open shirrt bit, maybe a purple(Conservative, though, conservative) shirt, wiht a bit of white undershirt showing. It's proabaly not the type of shirt your pers would pick, but it lokos good. Or maybe a grey shirt. be conscious of what colors do what to your complexion. If oyu go tie. maybe a lighter blue shirt with some striped tie (some red in it). or again that purpe shirt with some tie. it all depends on your personlity. It should reflect you rpersonality. Check out some j crew, ralph lauren, br ads. I agree with that other guy though-hair is critical. Do not risk gettinga ahircut with like 1 1/2 or 2 weeks of your photos. Do you rbest to make sure it a great hair. Take care ofyour skin and sleep well or the two weeks prior to aviod dull skin or dark ircles or unexpected acne. Try using aloe gel on you r face at night to keepp it look ing its best.
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