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Ryan Gosling Haircut? Another hair advise thread please.

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Hi guys. I know there are a lot these threads out there already (perhaps an official thread is in order) and this is only my first post, but any advice that could be offered would be great.

A short history of my hair: Throughout most of my life I have had hair that was at least to my shoulders, and when I finally got it cut about a year ago for Locks for Love, they took something like twenty inches off. At the time I went with a fauxhawk(ish) and have been attempting to stick with that since, but I'm not certain that is the correct hairstyle. I always also get as cheap as possible haircuts, so if I've veered off course, I definitely haven't been told as much.

So here is how it looks after being cut:

And how it looked approximately two minutes ago (No product, dry. In the course of a day, my hair generally ends up like this anyway):

Personally, I am fairly partial to Ryan Gosling's look in Half Nelson, or even the actor in the current Matt & Kim Bacardi commercial for those familiar. My grasp on hair and hair style is so lacking, though, that I can't really tell if those are different looks or even if they are all that different from how I have been getting my hair cut already. I'm also not sure if they go well with my head shape. Any advise to that point would be very appreciated. Hopefully I haven't rambled for too long. Thanks for reading.

Ryan Gosling for reference:

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Shave your goatee. It looks trashy.
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Originally Posted by why View Post
Shave your goatee. It looks trashy.


Also, de-bushify your eyebrows.
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Go to a stylist, ask them what style would fit your face shape the best, and what would work with your hair. Also ask what products you should use for your hair (shampoos and styling products). A decent stylist will have you leave their shop happy and looking good. And get rid of that goatee.
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Originally Posted by Jumbie View Post
+1 Also, de-bushify your eyebrows.
Thanks, I had a whole list of stuff to fix but figured I'd keep it light and let everyone else pile on. On a totally unrelated note, I saw this guy today wearing a vest over a t-shirt. What was he thinking?
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Hair looks good in the post-cut pic. Other than that I don't know enough to advise. I agree with the suggestions to shave the goatee. If you want facial hair try the style Gosling is sporting in that pic.
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Lose the prison pussy.
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Thanks to everyone that I believe was giving genuine advise, except perhaps that last response. I'm not a huge fan of the goatee, but I also have a very weak chin and don't at all like the way it looks shaved. As for my eyebrows, is there really a way to make them less bushy? I didn't really think that was in the realm of self-management. That advise aside, though, does anyone have feedback regarding a haircut specifically? Oh, and why, feel free to complete the list. I'm not easily hurt and would welcome any other suggestions.
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Is he the guy on the reality show with all the babies and the angry ex wife?
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Originally Posted by Verbal View Post
As for my eyebrows, is there really a way to make them less bushy? I didn't really think that was in the realm of self-management.
Trim to make a little shorter. I stumbled on this by accident. I was getting my hair cut and my stylist/barber decided to do it on his own. I hadn't considered this before but was pleased with the result.

You can pluck/tweeze, wax or get your eyebrows threaded (if you're so inclined) to give them a little more shape. Don't go overboard as you're not a woman but I look at your photo and I just see two thick, shapeless blobs of hair over your eyes.

That advise aside, though, does anyone have feedback regarding a haircut specifically?

Sorry, not really. I barely get by myself. I second the suggestion to get a stylist's recommendation.
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Your hair is a little "heavy" have your stylist remove some of the weight. Simply use a small amount of product and let your hair fall naturally.
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for the facial hair, does it look good when you have more of it, with a defined edge to emphasize your jaw? i agree that the goatee's not working. also, i say that much shorter hair would suit you better and make your proportions look better. any short cut would do, but fauxhawks are a bit passe imo. eyebrows need work too, i say go to a salon and get a "manly" looking wax and then try to maintain that shape.
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Thanks guys. sinclairaw, I think the main issue is that my jaw, my chin just isn't very distinct. This is particularly clear when shaved. Also, any specific recommendations on any short cut that seems to hold a wide variety of meanings.
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you're haircut sucks now. go to a real stylist who will know that right now whoever is cutting ur hair has no idea about proportions. the grown out look looks like u r thinning (whether u really are or not) bc the sides of ur hair are bushier than the top. i would go to someone that costs at least $20 and that you actually have to make an appointment with. i'm not saying someone who charges $20 is going to be guaranteed awesome but if they charge that much they should at least be seeing what i'm seeing and have the skills to try and fix it. no supercuts, great clips etc. i would tell ur stylist to leave the length on the top, maybe just trim the ends, and really debulkify and trim your sides and back. bring pictures of what you like aesthetically, bring many pictures so the stylist can really get a feel of what u like. when u style it, part it one way or the other. this straight comb foward looks pretty bad. for ur eyebrows, here's how to trim them - seriously do this. ur probably going to see a lot more hair combed up, just trim it. i mean i can tell they are pretty bushy in ur kind of blurry webcam pic in dim light - i don't wanna know what they look like in high def. i don't agree with how sculpted this guy's eyebrows are. if u wax them tell them only to wax off the top and in between. when you wax under ur eyebrows it tends to look girly bc they create a very clean arch and u end up looking like a guido from long island ur facial hair does look a little pedophilish
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#1, shave the goatee. It's not working. I understand what you mean about your jaw, if you have that issue then grow a full beard/some scruff. You should start eating well and do some weight training, it will shape your face a little better. Supplementing Fish Oil into your diet (1000mg a day, around ~1-2 capsules 3 times a day following a meal) will improve your hair quality, as well as a bunch of other things. Don't really recommend doing your eyebrows yourself unless you're experienced (aka trial and error). Ask a girl you trust to do it, if that fails ask the person who does your hair if they know anybody etc. Like others have pointed out, don't go too far or you'll look feminine. It's fine to pluck and pull hair around your eyebrows but not within them (usually hair will be around between your hairline and the side of your eyebrow, it's fine to pluck that.), you want to remove weight from your brow not re-shape it really. As for your hair, yea... ask for around a #4 on the sides. Cut around 2 inches from the top, tapered on the sides. Ask them to layer the top. Keywords are: "Just a messy look" Next, get some promade. I recommend American Crew. Use around a nickel shape, rub it in your hands, then work it in your hair when your hair is DAMP but *NOT WET*. Post-shower is a good time, or wet your entire head then grab a towel and dry it then apply the promade. Comb your hair more flat, do not faux hawk. You have an oval shaped head, using a faux hawk makes your head look MORE oval. You and Ryan kind of have a similar head shape, so learn from him. He keeps his hair flat, but does not have bangs. Good luck, and post a pic after you try some of our suggestions!
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