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Watch for college grad's charcoal suit

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I have an Austin Reed charcoal suit. I am going to buy this watch to go with it, and as a watch for everywhere but the gym. Any thoughts on whether to get the WHITE or BLACK dial?


Or have any other recommendations for a similar watch, under $300 or so?
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I like black, but either would go.
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Looks too casual to me. I defer to others for suggestions.
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black is better than the white
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I'd go with something a little more subtle looking. From that same manufacturer, these seem more appropriate for a suit:

https://www.laks.com/page.php?lang=d...rt_id=32&RID=2 (that one is interesting)
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Originally Posted by Number6
Any thoughts on whether to get the WHITE or BLACK dial?

IMO a white dial is dressier than a black dial. When I think of black dials, I think of "working" watches(dive, pilot, race) where black dials are easier to read.
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Originally Posted by Tomasso
IMO a white dial is dressier than a black dial.
Agreed. You're a recent grad, I'd go with black.
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Black looks much better than the white IMO.

Are these from Vienna? I'm unfamiliar with the brand, but the watch strap says "Vienna".
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I am not familiar with the Laks watch company. Looks like they use japanese automatic movements and saphire crystals.

In that price range I would also look at Archimede watches like this one:

Archimede Arcadia. They also use saphire crystals but use swiss ETA movements.
The main site is here
They are made by Ickler who also make Limes watches which are a bit more expensive. Ickler is a german company who have been making watch cases for other companies for about 80 years and recently released their own watches.

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Wow, those Archimede watches are really nice.

With my unusually small wrist, one of their smaller ones might work out.

Yes, Laks is an Austrian company. I want something that not everyone has.

Thanks for the replies!
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Originally Posted by Dmax
They are made by Ickler who also make Limes watches which are a bit more expensive.

I saw a couple that I really liked in the Limes range...but just felt odd having the name of a fruit on my wrist. Actually, there are a couple of German makes that prominently display their names, which are unfortunately not the most euphonic..
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I'm a bit of a watch geek, so my view may be skewed, but if I were in your situation, I'd wait until I could afford something timeless (no pun intended). Yes, the watch you've mentioned looks nice and it has a certain young appeal to it, but there are plenty of other watches that you may be more happy with (and which would look good for many years to come).

I'd check out www.timezone.com and look around on their sales corner for something that catches your eye. Just make sure you're buying from a reputable source (or individual).

Also, IMHO, Tissot makes a number of decent quality watches that [I think] use a basic automatic ETA movement, which are generally fairly reliable.

In the end the choice is yours, but remember to enjoy whatever it is you purchase!

Just my $0.02
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I have two tissot watches and like them a lot. I think they offer great value for the money with nice design.

Check out the "Poor Man's Watch Forum" top 20 watch list:

Trias watches, at http://www.longislandwatch.com look very nice, but I have no personal experience with them.
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Nothing wrong with the watch you've chosen (although I'm no expert), but I agree with those who have said it's a bit casual to be worn as a dress watch.

You've gotten some good suggestions on watches and watch-related sites.

Here's a company that has watches near your price range (maybe slightly north). I like the Antea and the Marine models, especially the Antea. The Antea comes in both black or cream faces.

Stowa Watches

Personally, I think a white or cream face is a little more versatile than black. I always feel a bit "off" if I'm wearing a black-faced watch and no other black in my outfit. With a white or cream face, you could use a brown band for your non-black outfits and switch to a black band for your black outfits.

Here's another good website. A bit easier to navigate than PMWF. Those on this site are very into dive watches, but I bet they'd have some excellent suggestions for dressier watches in your price range.

watchuseek affordable watch forum
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I am now ashamed to say that I wore a swiss army watch to my first interview after college with a major investment bank. the initial interviewer (the hr guy) was good enough to give me shit about it and warn me that I needed to go get a proper dress watch for my next interview.

You need to go buy a dress watch. No dress/sport watch, no big diver watch, just a classic dress watch. This watch is for you at work. Once you make partner you can wear the big Flava Flav stopwatch for all I care.

An interview is a social test. They want to see if they can allow you to join their tribe and share the wealth that the group uncovers. You need to fit in if you want the job.
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