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Would appreciate if someone could post a fit picture of JB201

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Originally Posted by sillyboybmxer View Post

These are what Jay from Blue Owl recommended based on my waist measurement of a 32. When i got them, I could not get the top 3 buttons done. He told me to keep wearing them and they will stretch to be perfect. They did stretch, but not enough. The thighs were skin tight at first for the guy asking about them loosening .

My Bom006 are a 30 and are great

My N&F skinny guy are also a 30 and I have to wear a belt with those...dont "have" to but sometimes they will slide too much without.

I personally prefer a little extra room.  My rule of thumb, and I have done jeans for a long time (the first collab that I did, I believe was back in 2007), is that the jeans should button up, snugly, but not uncomfortably, from day 1.  If you want a looser fit, they will button up comfortably from day 1.

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So the legs stretched about 1 size larger?
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Reading through all the measurement I am pretty sure I got THE smallest 30 in the batch. Because even now after the wear, its still not what the measurements say of 31.5


I would say the 0200sp thigh area stretched enough for some people ,...although i still cant lift my leg high enough to skip two stairs walking up or to flush a toilet with my foot for example.

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I like the current fit of the legs with the jeans untretched yet. So by the time it is stretched will it be too baggy? Roughly how much does it stretch and anyway I can minimise the stretching?
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Indeed.  Stop sizing down, people.  Wear a size that buttons up easily, if snugly, when you first get them.  The guy who posted that picture, you are easily a size 32.  A 31 *might* work, but they will still be tight.  I would guess that you are a size 32.  (which, incidentally, is my size).  Here is a good rule of thumb.  If when you first put them on, you get male muffin top, you have 2 choices: 1) Lose 10-15 lbs, 2) Size up 1-2 sizes.  


All this "size down" crap has to run its course soon.
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Sizing down or up isn't that bad actually... But you should know your own dimensions to make it work. All these guys sizing down with unflattering fits in the end, mostly think they are smaller than tape measurer indicates. Just get your numbers right... Taking the right size ain't rocket science.
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Debating between 0202 or the ER007-2B. Is there a 201 cut in the ER007 fabric by chance?

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Originally Posted by Rightyow77 View Post

Debating between 0202 or the ER007-2B. Is there a 201 cut in the ER007 fabric by chance?

Not that I know of.
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There is a promotion in my local shop, Plan to make use of it.
would it be ok to just buy a pair of jeans and just keep it for 3-4 months before wearing it? Will anything happen to the jeans?
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No. They sit on shelves longer than that.
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This can't be a serious question? They are a cotton article of clothing, unless you have worn them soaked them in your sweat and left them an extremely humid/unventilated place they will remain as you have left them. Jeans are not this magical, revolutionary thing. They have been around for a long time after all, part of what makes them a "heritage" "classic" article of clothing. Miners and cowboys would live in these things. Meditate on that for a bit, now ask yourself, how the F is storing them, at what I can only imagine is near or below room temp, going to change them at the molecular level? Furthermore, these are not some perishable item like say, a tomato they go on your body. They are meant to be worn WTF! 

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Originally Posted by massacre19 View Post

There is a promotion in my local shop, Plan to make use of it.
would it be ok to just buy a pair of jeans and just keep it for 3-4 months before wearing it? Will anything happen to the jeans?

I have a closet which turns unworn jeans into beautiful faded pairs. True story.
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Hi everyone!

I don't post much, but wanted to show some fit pics for others to utilize. This is my third pair of "high end" denim. I've had Iron Heart 634s and Sugarcane Okinawa. I've gained some weight so I decided it was time to get a new pair and try a cut I haven't had before.

I am 5'10'' , 182 pounds.

I went with Momotaro 0901 Vintage Label - Regular Straight. I like that they are 15.7oz Zimbabwe cotton, with slight hairy slubiness. Here are pictures post soak.

I soaked them once in cold water while wearing them in the tub for 30 minutes. They were still not as snug as I'd like to break them in, so I did a hot soak:

One hour hot water soak. Drained water. Another one hour hot water soak.

They tightened up a bit. I don't think as much as people fear they will though. The waist fits great. I'm not sure I'm in love with the cut/style quite yet, but getting them hemmed to proper inseam, I'm expecting will make a big difference. Obviously they are a bit stiff still.

Anyways, here are the post soak fit pictures. Tag size 33. Let me know your opinions. I'm torn between these and maybe getting a pair of 0201's for a smaller more fitted leg opening.


(Sorry for the phone quality pics)

Here are pre soak pics. I know the background color makes it hard to see but might as well post them...

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Looks like a good fit for that true-repro cut.
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