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Nice. Love that electric blue inseam thread.
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Honestly I have a G Star Raw "Ranch" denim jacket that's looks pretty close to that. Get compliments every time.

Beautiful piece though!

[quote name="rexet"
I would like to achive this fit and fade:

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momotaro x context grand indigo jeans after 1.5 years.

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Looking great. Many washes?
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Originally Posted by dusttruffle View Post

Looking great. Many washes?

2 soaks
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Originally Posted by Mossy View Post

Just thought I'd share some update pics with you guys since some of you helped me size these. These are size 32 0201's, worn for 6 months. I am 5'7, 160lbs. I gave them a hot soak and a half-hangdry, half-tumble dry when I first got them. Just did my first machine wash a few days ago. For the past 3 months they have only been worn around the house, so the fades aren't too extreme. I'm not sure why the fades are so much more pronounced on the right leg--maybe because I keep my wallet in my right back pocket? Anyways, I just had them slightly tapered because I couldn't stand how big the leg opening was (I suppose I lost the natural "slight taper" of this cut when I got them hemmed). I like 'em alot now.

I'm late as hell on this, but thanks for the post Mossy.  Our height/weight is very close and I was on the fence re: sizing for 201s or 701s.  In light of the fact size 31 701s fit me like pantyhose in the thighs, I reckon if I go to the 701s in a 32, I'd still have to deal with thigh issues.  Your pics have convinced me that, when it comes to Momotaro Vintage Label, I'll have to go with 201s in a 32 like you got.

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Good question - I was just going to post the same thing, then saw you had asked underneath all the links.
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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

Good question - I was just going to post the same thing, then saw you had asked underneath all the links.

Where did you see them then. I just saw them at SuFu.
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Launched these online today. Already sold a couple in store and some were already sold online today. Grabbed myself a pair a while back but haven't been wearing 'em as much as I'd like to. Think these will be my 'to go' summer pants as they are quite light from color and weight. Think they'll turn out really nice eventually. 

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^^ these look really cool, what is the fit like?
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Fit is like 07xx
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Nice shot Mistral.
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Anyone interested in buying a brand new size 33 pair of 0701 that's been pre-soaked and hasn't been worn except to try on? I bought them thinking they'd fit, but squats man..squats...


anyone else screw themselves over multiple times because of not being able to size correctly due to squats?... -_- 

So frustrating, I just want to start breaking in some denim!


link to the classified is here:

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