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Originally Posted by jimmy_boi View Post
okay so i soaked them in lukewarm water, and hopefully they will be good to wear when thier dry. now since i used warm water instead of hot am i gonna be seeing soem shrinkage when its time for a wash? i have only own nudies and this soaking thing is pretty new to me and the jeans stained my tube like crazy. thanks for all teh help guys

like doc said, there won't be much more shrink unless you wash again in scalding hot water and/or machine dry.

Warm will take care of 95% of shrink in my experience.
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Originally Posted by mlyngard View Post

Jimmy - suggest lukewarm to hot water from the tub spigot. It takes care of shrinkage in any 'real world' wash situation, and then you can relax and just wear them, knowing they're primed. No color change, some (very, very nice) texture change, and a slight shrink all around. You shuld have soaked prior to hemming, since these can loose 1"-2" in the inseam, in my experience and according to Gordon at BiG. Yeah, and that's even with a lukewarm soak. Don't pansy around with cold only like Doc ;-) PS - you may have to sell too with that ineam length...

These are the least stretchy jeans I've ever owned. So if they're tight now, don't expect your ass to be saved. Expect maybe under an inch from normal wear. If you guys do soak and want to recover that waist back without pain, invest in this at yer hardware store. (Damn, knew I shoulda fronted for that infomercial...):

that tool thing is awsome i strecth the jeans from 15 inch to 16 inch ( i meansure flat across with the dip ). so when i did soak them i forgot to say i started to pull down on the hems, every 5 mins as hard as i can durring the 30 min soak to try to prevent inseam shrinkage. i can gladly say it worked and my inseam still 30 . either way u guys have help me out alot, now my jeans fits better in the wasit without any pain. also how soft is the jeans suppose to be after the soak? mine were rock hard when it was dry and now it softer but no much of big difference when frist purchase beisde all that hairy fuzziness is gone.
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Yeah, that's great. Glad it worked. Soaking really makes a difference.

The jeans will be really stiff for a day or so, and will be super-soft in no time. I often throw mine when dry into the machine dryer for a few minutes after a soak. The tumble in hot air won't shrink them but does soften them so much it's worth the extra few minutes.
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I am *loving* my 0201s and want to find another similar fitting pair of jeans in the near future. I was thinking of the S0500XX from Samurai. I like that these have a good rise, which is similar to the Momotaro 0201s. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by iwhelan View Post
I am *loving* my 0201s and want to find another similar fitting pair of jeans in the near future. I was thinking of the S0500XX from Samurai. I like that these have a good rise, which is similar to the Momotaro 0201s. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
The 0201s are the fit I like, based on the size chart (never wore). They don't look radically different from the 0701 in rise or leg. Tough to tell if the top block is very different between the 0201 and 0701. In my direct experience, you might want to look at Skull 5507s (smooth sanforized), Warehouse Dubbleworks 660 (slightly slubby stf), Pure Blue Japan 008 (slubby stf), Flat Head 300x series(s), a few of the Sams, Evisu Lot 1 Specials (amazing smooth repro fit w/taper). Ones I haven't tried but I'm considering and are highly respectable: Oni Blue Fit, Studio D'Artisan 103s, Eternal 811BG, Fullcount 0105C. All are slightly different in fit, but in the same range. Gordon at BiG is a master at guidance in this department. Ask him.
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Thanks, when it is time to buy my next pair (after I sell some stuff in the marketplace), I will head back to BiG and see what they have. The 0500 Samurais will be my first stop though. I like the mid-high rise of these. I do not like low-rise because I am tall and low doesn't look good.
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I saw a pair of Momotaro 0705SP Tight Straight on eBay. Are these discontinued and comparable to 0701? Edit: Never mind, I see that these are the GTB variation of the 0701.
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Momotaro 0701 size 32
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I've spent some time reading this thread, and while my question is a little similar I thought I'd go ahead and ask anyway. Just purchased a pair of 0701's in size 32. I wear a 29 in APC NS and 30 in APC NC - they fit perfect after having stretched to my body. I wear them slim, but have never had to go around without a top button done while breaking them in... I was advised to go with a 32 in the 0701's, so that is what I did. These things are pretty tight in the top block. The waist is also quite snug. It's not like I can't button them, but if they stayed this snug (esp in the waist) I would be less than comfortable. Seems from others experiences that they will stretch enough (some guy said he couldn't even do the top button?!). I'm just a bit nervous because the denim definitely feels like a tight weave. Oh, also - don't plan on soaking at any point in the near future. What do you guys think? Were they pretty tight for most of you at the outset? How long did they take to stretch? Some size comparisons for those of you who own the 0701's with APC would be great...
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Which online shops sell Momotaros besides BiG and Context ?

I want to buy a pair but Context doesn't ship to India and BiG is asking for 60 USD shipping
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I think there is a company called Nordic Denim House. Check google for the site.
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^^ Thanks, already checked them out. Their prices in euros are the same as the US prices which are of course in dollars
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Originally Posted by givemefive View Post
Momotaro 0701 size 32
Nice fit! that's how mine look too. It's funny how skinny they are without actually looking skinny, I'm loving the fit more and more.
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This will be my first pair of raw jeans.

Are these the skinniest model that momotaro makes?

I am a size 28 waist, with muscular thighs.

Thanks in advance!
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They might technically be the smallest but I wouldn't use the word skinny to describe them at all
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