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Those are beautiful Jay. Definitely thinking of picking them up.
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New Blue Owl Collab looks baller. Props to them.

Love the denim on my 702s.
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Short owners of Momotaro (5'8''>), do you like to stack the 37 inch inseam, or hem them to right length?
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I would hem, the sacks would be crazy.
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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

Short owners of Momotaro (5'8''>), do you like to stack the 37 inch inseam, or hem them to right length?

I'm about your height and, as a general rule, I hem to about 30.5" - 31.5" for some stacking...
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I'm 6'00 and had mine hemmed to 32.5''
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same height =/= same inseam
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I hem them to about 35.5. But this is presoak.
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how tall are you?
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I'm 1.76m
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I'm looking a picking up a pair of Momotaro in the near future. My only really experience with good denim is APC. I currently own a 2 year old pair of APC Rescue in size 30. They fit well now, but it took a lot of time to break in. Even now, I find the waist a bit too big, though the thighs perfect. Any idea what I should go for, in terms of sizing? Do they shrink much, or stretch a lot? I understand APC stretch a bit more than standard denim. And how should I treat them, in terms of soaking them or anything.
Cheers, and sorry for the noob questions.
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They shrink about an inch in the waist and two in length. They won't stretch much though. Applies to Vintage Label only by the way.
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I forget the username, but a momo stockist on sufu says he always advises sizing down 1 on vintage label b/c they do stretch out...
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Will the waist stretch out or is the 1 inch loss permanent?
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My experience is very little stretch on the vintage label.

Advice is just the same as always - nail the thigh fit, or you're going to be uncomfortable and eventually flip them. Waists can be controlled (or tolerated) far better.
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