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Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo View Post
I bought mlyngard's jeans and I just soaked them. Pre-soak, they measured pretty identical to BiG's provided numbers for a size 29 except I got ~10.5 for the thigh. Post-soak: Waist 14.75" Inseam: 30.5" from 31.5" Thigh: 10" (to edge, not seam) Rise: 9" Leg opening: 7.75" across, 7" seam to seam They fit exactly how I wanted, very similar to my lightweight RB23's. The waist needs to strech .5 before I can do the top button but I already love these jeans. I'll take some pics tonight, the workmanship is really top-notch.
Measurements are now waist: 16" Thigh: 10 5/8". There might be a little stretch left, but probably not much.
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^hmmm, glad to know... tnx.
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does anyone else have an issue with the war paint on that pocket? kinda reminds me of the obnoxious E's on evisus ...

i guess the paint wears off, but then whats the point of putting it there in the first place
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seems the new models don't have them... TG!
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The paint is on the one-washes, but not the raws. I think the 'going to battle' is just the one-wash 0701 that BiG has too.
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For those trying to decide between the GTB and the regular Tight Straight, here's what Ryan at Context told me:

The Tight Straight has more room than the Going to Battle. I personally wear the Tight Straight as the Going to Battle is a bit too slim for me. I intend on wearing the raw TS without soaking or washing them for at least a year. They will stretch during this time, and after the first soak, will shrink back to the original size. I recommend doing the same.

The one wash GTB will fade slightly different than the raw fabric. I can say the one wash had very little effect on the color, they do feel a bit softer yet still quite rigid. You can see and read about William's GTB here:

Sam and William love the GTB, but they are slimmer than I. Sam is 5'09'' 145lbs, William is 5'09'' 130bls. I'm 5'09'' 165lbs with stockier legs.
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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post
does anyone else have an issue with the war paint on that pocket? kinda reminds me of the obnoxious E's on evisus ...

i guess the paint wears off, but then whats the point of putting it there in the first place

I like it. I guess by the "E's" on Evisus, you mean the gulls, but then again, I like the handpainted ones a lot. They actually happen to be inspired by the Levi's arcuates from the WW2 era, when Levi's, to save cotton, painted the arcs on the backpockets. I wonder if it has anything to do with the idea of war paint.

What is war paint anyway?
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i realy like that back pocket design... if i didnt have 3 denimz waiting for me in the closet i would kop.
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The pocket design is only on the Going to Battle model. The Vintage ones (0201 and 0701) have plain pockets. Also, the Going to Battle must be very slim. I find the 0701 pretty slim already (albeit fairly straight). I do have very muscular thighs, so that would make a difference.
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Sizing 0701:
Originally Posted by Gordon, BiG
As far as the sizing on the Momotaro 0701 our size chart is accurate if following our measuring guide, each pair will measure differently so there is always a chance they'll measure slightly smaller or bigger than posted measurements. If you're a size 32 in the Skull Black 5010 size 32 then you may consider the same size 32 in the Momotaro 0701.
I just received my pair and they measured 32" although they were really stiff so it was hard to see anything but 15.5" until I used my three hands to align the waist band and measure. That is what I was expecting from the Context Clothing measurements so I'm good to go. They are soaking right now. The denim is a bit slubbier than I would have expected from pictures and they are extremely stiff from starch. My hands are a bit sticky from touching the water from the soak. They fit snug on the waist pre soak. The denim is somewhat sanforized and only shrinks 1" in the waist at max. I put a board in the waist for the soak to minimize shrinking in that area. I was concerned they would be too tight in the thighs for what I was going for if they fit on the waist but I think I lucked out and after a soak they should be perfect. I'd bet the water is around 55-60 C.
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I don't really mind the pocket paint. It's less obnoxious that evisu and less branding. No one knows what the 2 stripes means compared to a pair of seagulls flowing on your legs.
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My take so far on community opinion of 0701:


BiG size chart is 1 size too big. Context's is more accurate.

Expect 1" waist and +/- 2" inseam shrink for the 0701 after one or two hot soak.

Denim is slightly textured but not slubby. Coarser than KMW or Somet, and closer to Skull.

Inseam stitch is magenta/pink.

The 'GTB' model with 'war paint' is Context terminology only as far as I can tell.

My personal experience: the denim responds really well to a hot soak (and a wash too). It's incredibly soft if you machine dry it for about ten minutes after full hang dry.
Stretch is probably akin to Skull. about 1" (maybe 1.5' max).

Doc, Arms? Did I miss anything? I just started wearing mine.
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The top block is pretty small, and the denim is really dark. It seems to break into an electric blue. I think you got the main parts.
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Originally Posted by givemefive View Post

^ no fair.

That's like making a home movie with your girl and having John Holmes and his 12" pecker walk onstage.

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