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Oh god yes.
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I really love my Penguin polo. The fit is great and it was only $40 or $50.
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Originally Posted by Horace
Google "Grass Court". They've got a polo shirt made in a factory in Philadelphia that's pretty good. They've got a couple of different models. One with Peruvian fabric and one with English fabric. The latter is very heavy and is one that I'm happy with. It was somewhat expensive but the for me worth it.

I'd like to try one of these - how is their sizing due to shrinkage, with regards to before/after washing?

I'd be doing machine wash, gentle cycle, woolite or other mild detergent. Air Dry laid flat only.
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btw, I used to do fine with land's end polos when I worked in the rough & tumble world of special ed. (dressy enough for those picnics and other outdoor trips, as I always worked summers). Not so chi-chi, I know but can't beat their bang/buck.

The BEST polo I've ever had hands down was a long sleeve Club Room, made in china and purchased at Macys in 1998 for a whopping $50. (It may have been on sale too....can't recall for sure). It just recently started showing signs of wear....It is a nice soft cotton, feels more like cashmere than any fine wools I've seen, and is the perfect thickness - not too thick or too thin.

I've searched high and low in Macys and everywhere else for a cotton polo like this and have never found its equal. I may email them with the style number to see if they still make it......or maybe I can have it cloned by a tailor!
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Heh. I don't think they're high end per se, but my country gets Ralph Lauren polo outsourcing jobs, and I can grab them from very small export overrun lots for less than ten bucks apiece. Fun. A colleague just called me on a popped collar (inadvertently, from walking part way to work with a gym bag in tow) just now.
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Softest polo I own- cotton knit from Malo. I can't imagine anything other than dry cleaning. Its really a delicate piece.

Best all-around - Ralph Lauren Purple Label: Ralph's pima cotton polos in the medium to lighter shades seem to hold their color well and the collars still look good.

Banana Republic: I didnt pay more than $25. Decent for bumming around, I'd rather buy the odd Hickey Freeman I find on sale.

Joesph Abboud: Another outscouring job. They can be frequently found on discount. The collars have held up quite well and the fabric is better than expected.

I refuse to buy Lacoste.
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I just picked up 5 polos for $60 at a Van Heusen store on Long Island during a one day sale.

They look fine new but even if they disintegrate after half a dozen washings, at those prices I figure I still did okay!

I bought an alfani polo at Macy's last fall, hoping it would be similar quality to my old Club Room - it fell apart after one washing! needless to say I retured it for store credit
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Originally Posted by meFIRST
1. James Perse. (This is my favorite - I love the quality and construction of his tees. This years collection (spring/summer) leaves much to be desired.

The sale section of has a James Perse tee for $9 right now. I'm sure the sizing is limited, but I'd check it out. It sure beats the $50 list price.

(I just checked it out) They probably have your size, and you can have whatever color you want, as long as it's yellow.
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I been purchasing Burberry polos for this season. I have washed them and they've held together well. No fading or mishape to speek of, and I do hang dry them.
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