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spring jacket suggestions

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As I looked at the rain pouring down this morning, I realized I don't have much in terms of a spring coat that can handle the elements.
I have a leather jacket, a couple thick wool winter jackets (car coat and full-length overcoat), and a handful of track-jackets... but that's it.
So off to the mall I went, and found two coats that I really like.

Kenneth Cole Concrete Jungle jacket

Sanyo jacket
The Sanyo jacket I picked up is actually slightly different then this one; but I couldn't find any images of the PR384 model.

Now I'm trying to decide which one to keep: And yes, and I'm on a tight budget, so I can only afford one (technically I should save my money.. but oh well).
I like the KC one because it's a bit different. It's more casual (I'm a graphic designer/bartender, so I don't often wear a suit), and the $125 lower price doesn't hurt either.
BUT... the Sanyo seems a bit more practical. It's more of a timeless style that will still look good in a year or two, and I could wear it with jeans and a tshirt on a day like today; but it's also long enough to cover a suit jacket when need be.

Any comments or suggestions on which to go with?
Or does anyone have any other jackets they'd reccomend.
post #2 of 6 you have to hop around like that when you wear the Sanyo? The KC is all wrinkled, but at least you can stand like a normal person... Seriously - I'd go with some other coat. I have a black Ferragamo raincoat (a bit different than the Tiburon - it zips) and wear the hell out of it, which is the good news. I knew when I bought it that a black coat was a bit less versatile. That said, it really overpowers my look - when I wear that coat, people see 'that guy in the black coat'. Also, there's no way that I would wear the Tiburon (or my coat) over a suitcoat - far too casual. The KC coat is more likely to become part of the outfit, but is not versatile because of the style - it is really great for casual outfits, but can't go too dressy. Given your profession (and given no choice to opt out, as I am suggesting), I'd keep the KC and ditch the Sanyo. My honest advice would be to tough it out with a cheapy coat and find a piece on sale later in the year. Neither of those coats are exceptional enough to merit paying retail, IMHO. I am thinking that you are not in the market for a boring/classic trench, but there are lots of slim-cut, updated versions of that style that you can find. Jil Sander, Helmut can sometimes be found on sale.
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Of the two, I have to vote for the Sanyo. I'm afraid the KC is going to look "old" really quickly. But I agree with Duveen about not paying retail for either.

For outerwear, eBay offers some spectacular bargains. Unless you're buying Kiton, stuff seems to go really cheap. I have a lovely (and incredibly cool) Invertere reversible raincoat I paid $35 or so for.
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I would pass on both and scour ebay for something with some quality marks for:

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So maybe these were more of impulse purchases then anything else.

I'm thinking I'll heed the advice given, return the coats and find something on sale, or via ebay.

Thanks guys.
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this thread is serendipitous as i am also looking for a spring coat. i am a total noob when it comes to quality pieces, but am eager to learn. could you guys maybe help a noob out and list some things i should look for, or brands, etc?

it doesn't help at all, but i have no idea what kind of spring coat i want. i'd like something classically styled. clean lines. simple. thanks!
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