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A quick update note. As I was curious I decided to give it a shot. I ordered these
in a 44. The colour was decent. Some antiquing visible. Leather similar to my Loding. Not particularly soft but definately not cheap-arse leather either. However I will be returning them as they are a wee bit small for me (a 44.5 would have worked better than a 44 for me it seems, a little too narrow for me). And for whatever reason I would not get acclimatised to the shape of the sole around the toe area - having it more rounded would have made it a harder decision for me. The construction quality seemed ok, at least for US$150.00 + sales tax.

P.s. if anyone wants to take a crack at these please let me know before Saturday, as that is the day I will be returning them.
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That's the great thing about ordering from Nordstrom, you can just take them back to the store for full refund so it enables impulse shopping.

Once I returned a pair of chelsea boots and when they took them back didn't even bother opening the box to make sure they were kosher, so there could have been a box of rocks or worn out shoes in there for all they'd known.
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