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uh oh there goes the neighborhood

bah bah
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Just received this Our Legacy knit. Very surprised with how nice it is for the price.
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Can't decide whether to get that in cream or navy... The navy looks slick but I'll be getting some SNS too and a lighter color would be nice.
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If I didn't grab the SNS stark I wouldve grabbed that our legacy knit.
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Has anyone had any experience with Brooks Brothers Sweaters? I see that their Merino V/Crew Neck, and Scottish Lambswool are 2 for $139, plus I get a corporate discount - seems like a good way to get a couple sweaters into wardrobe fairly reasonably. Thoughts? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...color=Amethyst http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...t_color=Almond
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Nice prorsum cardi jet. Do you like the buttons? Burberry prorsum is pretty much the only boutique near me and most of the pieces I've seen had crappy buttons.
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Are you sure the ones you saw were prorsum? Mine has seven small buttons which aren't really noticeable, typically they make a card look feminine but not so on mine. I haven't looked at many of their other offerings other than the spring ones which all had small buttons like mine but they were much longer and difficult to wear. Their wool cardigans feel kind of like sandpaper but mine feels like freshly shaven snatch kunk's fav.
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Is this the only knits/sweater thread? Any for current season finds?
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Don't open the link with any dear ones around.
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Originally Posted by A_back View Post
Dang my girl has a top just like that

Yeah, I was gonna say it looks sorta like the wimminz j. crew I bought for mrs robert a couple years back.
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Originally Posted by Razele View Post
If I didn't grab the SNS stark I wouldve grabbed that our legacy knit.

How is that sweater?
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good sh*t, jet.
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Thanks spread, I've got much more. I'll slowly add them to this thread as it gets colder and I take them out. I have basic knits as well as I believe you should start with those but these are more interesting.

v. branquinho
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Alexander Mcqueen did some rather cool Chunky knit sweaters in his fall 09 show. Im kind of a fan of the small leather front closures.

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I've been wearing my raf patchwork sweatshirt lately and it kinda fits oversized. Usually with slim-skinny jeans/pants and sneakers. My gf says it makes me look like bret (flight of conchords guy).
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