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Should I start a Legit Check Thread?

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I've been posting here for a couple months before the great crash of '05 and was wondering why there isn't a legit check thread. I think that there was one before the crash and I never looked at it. I was wondering, if it's cool with j, if he could sticky this thread for legit checks on ebay auctions and other things. I'm creating this thread due to the fact that almost half the jeans on ebay are fake. This thread would help out a lot, because of the fact that if more people could stop worrying if they were buying real or fake items. The other reason is to help keep fakes off the street. Counterfitting is getting out of control and needs to stop. With this thread, I hope that it can help put a stop to all forms of counterfiting.

So with that, here's the first post in this thread.

Are these ES legit?

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I just bought a pair of ES on ebay. Usually you can find info about fakes on honestforum (honestforum.com?). However, I couldn't find any info on fake ES. What I did was request some some more pictures from the seller and compared it to really detailed pictures of some on a Japanese site. Check it out: http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~ibiki44/...05milkblue.htm If it looks like it matches up well, then you take a chance (you're always taking a bit of a chance buying something sight un-seen, and moreso when you get stuff for more then 50% off on ebay). Cursory comparison: What happened to the 5th pocket? It's not there on the ebay item. Here's where you try to find out if there was a model with it missing. Also the belt loop doesn't look as slanted as it should. Here, another camera angle would help. You can always get great deals from ebay. Just gotta be careful and do some DD.
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