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waterproofing trench?

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I have a Burberry Prosum cotton/polyester trench, and wearing it last night I notice that it provides imperfect protection from the rain--it soaked through a bit. Is there some kind of treatment I can/should consider that will make it more impermeable?
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Try ScotchGuard or some other similar spray protectant. Try it on a hidden part of the coat first as it may darken it a bit. Let it air out for a day or two to dissipate the chemical odour.

I find I have to respray my trench coat every year or two.
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I think this question was posted just before the great SF crash of 2006. The chemicals in the rainwear seem to wear off over time.

Using scotch guard (or something like that) seems (or seemed) to be the general consensus (sp?).

I noticed that my waterproof jacket stopped being waterproof this year. I didn't need it much but eventually I'll probably follow my own advice.
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I remember you asking the quesiton, but can't recall if there were any responses.

Is Scotch guard what a good cleaner would use? I wonder how Burberry does it? The properties are in the fabric before they cut and sew, I reckon?
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You may have trouble finding ScotchGuard. 3M took it off the market because the EPA found it caused cancer or was detrimental to the environment, I don't remember which. I know they were planning on reformulating and reintroducing it, but I'm not sure if that has happened yet.

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Or have your cleaners waterproof it.
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