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Button vs. Zip Fly?

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Anyone have a preference?

It would seem that the button fly is more "old school" and has a greater degree of handwork on a high end suit.

On the other side, it would seem that it would not produce as nice of a line in your trousers aside from the fact that it must be more difficult to... you know...

What do you think? I've never had a button fly so let me in on the secrets...
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I've found the zip vastly convenient compared to the zip fly - the only times it really matters are when there's a crowd in the bathroom and or something like that. But it's always nice to be able to open and close in a couple seconds. Although it's easier to forget to zip up than button up. Also, buttons fall off sometimes.
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The button fly has the advantage that you will not be caught with "your barn door open, and all the animals getting out".

Yes, it requires more handwork, and is usually seen as a sign of quality on a more expensive suit. Also, I believe that when sitting down, it will result in a better line on the crotch of the pants than a zipper - since the buttons are more flexible and don't have a tendency to make the crotch 'pop up' as can happen with zippers.
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If I remember correctly from the last time this came up, I'm one of the few who strongly prefers buttons. Easier, less likely to catch, actually lie better.

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You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

Zipper fly - tendency to tent, convenient
Button fly - lays nicely, inconvenient

I usually order button fly on trousers, but do find them a little annoying.
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I don't mind buying a suit with zip fly pants, but if I was to get a bespoke suit, hand-stitched button fly for sure as that's how it was done in the olden days.
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Same thoughts as the others. Button fly seems to give a better and more appealing fit but very inconvenient.
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Girls also seem to struggle with undoing button-fly pants.
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button fly lays nicer, thus it is my preference
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Zip fly on suits. Button fly on jeans.

For some reason my jeans can fasten and unfasten very quickly with button fly (maybe it's the stiffer denim material), but on my softer chinos, buttons take an age to do up and down.

Therefore, on my wool suits I've gone for zips.

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Don't like button-fly pants, too much trouble doing them up when in a public restroom.
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Originally Posted by VersaceMan
Girls also seem to struggle with undoing button-fly pants.

I have big fingers and as popular as that is with the girls, it is a struggle to button the fly in moments of haste or at public urinals when it can create question marks.

I got one pair of suit trousers made with a button fly because a friend of mine and his father swear by them. Never again.

I actually wanted to get the button fly replaced with a zip one but without enough of the original goods used to make the suit, it cannot be replaced.
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They struggle, but they enjoy it... in my opinion and experience and by their own account (on a couple of them at least).

Originally Posted by VersaceMan
Girls also seem to struggle with undoing button-fly pants.
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