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Washing diesel jeans

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Ok, so I gotta really drunk and high the other nite; it was the last nite at college so I made it a plan to go out hard. Anyway I threw up and it got on my new Diesel's, now I gotta wash them. They're the ones with the rust and yellow coloring, so to preserve them whats the best way to wash them. Party on guys...
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Turn the jeans inside out. Use cold water and put the soap and water in the machine first. Once its full, throw in the jeans. Air dry.
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My mom washed my new distressed jeans in warm water and now its even more faded. It looks a few shades lighter than the original jeans.
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Most jeans will bleed when washed. In general, using cold water will bleed less than warm (or hot) water. Read the care tag for a general idea of what to do. I like to wash my jeans by hand, just throw them in a bucket and mush them around a bit. I find the washing machine to be a bit harsh, even though jeans are not delicates. To get the bulk of the water out, set your machine on spin and put the jeans in - much easier than squeezing or letting them drip. For heaven's sake, don't put them in the dryer. Lay them flat to dry, which will take while, at least 24 hours. Dry cleaning may work as well. It's the best thing to do if you want to preserve a certain texture or distressed look.
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