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the ubiquitous pink dress shirt....worthwhile?

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I'm considering a pink twill dress shirt, with french cuffs. sleeves are already the perfect length for me, so i won't have to alter it at all. I think it was last fall neiman marcus was showing pink dress shirts with several different kinds of suits and sportcoats; is this a good purchase for me?

I've noticed that as much as i like white shirts, they just don't look as good on me as i'd like. i get many more compliments on light blue/ blue/ striped shirts, and would like to add another color to my business/ going-out for dinner wardrobe. is the pink dress shirt a staple that will last? also, what kinds of suits would you recommend wearing it with?

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Absolutely. Pink (IMHO) is a member of the classic triumvirate of dress shirt colors, blue and white being its companions. It looks fantastic with navy, although sometimes I don't like it with gray. Then again, the only time I saw it look really "off" with gray suiting was when someone paired it with a severely cut DB, banker's stripe.

It also is great in the summer with lighter-colored suitings (especially pale pinks). Always looks great with a nice linen or fresco suit in a tan shade.
It's a versatile color. Wear it with pride!
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I am fond of pink and brown, if you have a brown suit.
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I own two. A pale pink/peach linen number and a darker heavy cotton one. I get compliments on both. I agree with Connemara, pink is incredibly versatile colour. It goes with anything from navy, khaki, to charcoal. I also have a problem with white dress shirts not looking "right" on me, I've concluded they wash out my face (even though I'm somewhat olive skinned and have dark brown hair). The only caution I throw at you is that certain shades of pink, depending on your complecion, can really wash you out. I would suggest if you're very pale and have dark hair or you're ruddy most shades of pink are going to look really weird on you. A.
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I don't know. I thought the same as you are, and on that impulse I bought a pink French cuff dress shirt a few months ago. The J. Crew one of Thomas Mason fabric. I rarely wear it, though. Mostly that's because it is not a very good shirt. The collar is too small and the cuff opening far too large. If it sits in my closet unworn for another month I'll probably take it to a tailor to have made into a pocket square, keeping the rest as cleaning cloths for my car.
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I have a pink Heeldeetch that I love; it's really quite versatile, looks great with both navy and gray. I like to wear it especially with a navy db blazer, but I do wear it with suits, too.

The pink classic is the Brooks button down oxford, of course.
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here's the shirt, by the way, if it helps with ideas and opinions:

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Oh, get one. I enjoy mine most with a light grey herringbone with black and blue in it. Really a sharp, 'light' color combination. Also nice with (ducks) black, charcoal and ivory. I don't wear it with navy for some reason even I don't understand. Regards, Huntsman
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Just saw the shirt. It's pink. It's Borelli. It has french cuffs. How could you possibly go wrong, except for poor fit!
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Ah, one of the special 16x34 shipment--gotcha. Go for it. It's beautiful.
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I love pink dress shirts. I love pink Polo shirts. And ties. I'm at peace with my masculinity
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Wear pink like white - that is, with just about anything (tasteful).
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hmm...never thought about that, wearing with grey suits. i wonder, maybe i can pull it off with a solid black knit tie and my darker grey suit (mini herringbone, with VERY subtle blue pinstripes, almost imperceptible), or a lighter grey suit with cream pinstripes (wool and cashmere). both for fall/ winter, of course.

on an unrelated note, Alex K. posted this cool pic on askandy, thought it was really great:

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Buy it quick before I do. It is just my size!

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