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A. testoni

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I am interested in this pair of A. Testoni shoes.  I would like to hear comments on the quality of A. Testoni (especially compared to brands like Ferragamo and Bally) and their fit (true to size, narrow/wide, long/short).  Thanks.
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I am a big fan of Testoni. I personally prefer them over Ferragamo. In my opinion they run very narrow and sometimes a little small, depending on the style. If you dont have narrow feet I would advise agaisnt buying this without first going to a store and trying a pair on.
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AC: I don't own any Testoni, but many fine menswear stores carry them, and they have many proponents. AAA's comments are apropos also.
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There are different levels of quality of Testoni shoes. The pair you are looking aren't from their high end "Black Label" line but they are still good shoes. Without seeing them in person I would guess the quality is about the same as a mid-range Ferragamo, Bally etc. (Ferragamo and Bally also do some artisan-crafted shoes but not as many as Testoni.) I do like some of the high end Testoni's and have owned several pairs of their Black-Label shoes in the past. The styling of the line tends to be a bit more radical than other high-end makes. I always see a pair or two in their line that I like though. Have you checked out the Testoni website? There is also a website for Testoni USA. As for fit I've noticed they vary from model to model. They experiment with shape quite a bit and that of course impacts how they fit.
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A. Testoni is my favorite shoe brand. I've never seen that white label. But the black label is the top of the line followed by the red label. The shoes are on the narrow side, but they look great and are extremely comfortable. The quality is impeccable. I'd say they're in between Ferragamo and John Lobb.
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