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Shoe cabinets?

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I'm looking for a shoe rack/cabinet that isn't open to the air. That is, similar to a bookcase with doors. The goal here is to keep most of the dust/cat hair/etc in my apartment from ending up on my shoes. I would just buy a bookcase with doors and use that (a la Ikea) but the ones I've seen so far haven't been deep enough to accomodate my shoes (sizes 10 - 11 depending).

I've seen some that have a drawer that rotates down, you put the shoes in, then rotate the drawer back up, but those don't look like they'll accomodate anything tall like a chelsea boot. ( ). Ditto for the hanging plastic zip-up shoe racks that attach to a closet door.

Anybody have any creative solutions? I'd entertain the idea of building one myself but I lack any sort of workshop/tools/etc with which to do so.
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Regular racks wouldn't work? I mean, why not just use shoes bags and regular racks?

My problem (and perhaps this is yours too) is that I want to be able to see the shoes without having to peer in the shoe bags. Thus I would ideally have some sort of glass covered cabinet and/or some sort of individual cubby hole kind of thing that would keep them visible but keep the dust out.

That said, I do just use the regular racks and the dust bags at this point. I think I got the racks at Home Depot, actually.
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The scope and style of your project could be a budget buster, if you let it get really carried away. Think of the type of displays that some of thee elegant shoe stores use. Very attractive and pricey.

I had to get something les expensive. I went to Target and got three of the open bookcases. Measure your shoes so you can make sure that the shelves have enough depth. It is really junk pressboard KD furniture. If I remember correctly, a case was only about $75. I found that I could get some extra shelving material at Lowe's that matched the pattern pretty well.

The book cases have the adjustable shelf bfeature - pins locate them with holes about every 1 1/2". That let me make the bottom shelves higher to accomodate the boots and a basket for all the polishes and burshes. I have not done it yet, but I plan on getting the cafe style louvered swinging doors that are available in about any size - and can be shortened pretty easily. Stain them and hang them. I've thought about putting the large ball rollers on these cases so that I can just push them together and they don't take up the wall space. I have the shelves arranged to get three pairs on a shelf X seven shelves.

Someone had the picture of his shoes on the Woodlore stackable cedar racks. That looked like a good solution if they don't have to sit out in the room.
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Originally Posted by zjpj83
Regular racks wouldn't work? I mean, why not just use shoes bags and regular racks?
Mostly it's because dealing with shoe bags is annoying Plus, I do share your requirement that I be able to see more than one pair at once without removing bags left and right.
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You can modify a ready made storage cabinet for your use by adding shelves.
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How about this drawer, it holds 27 pairs:

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Do you have closet space to spare? I have seen many closets with shoe cubbyholes. I don't think there's any reason why some sort of a door couldn't be installed over the holes. Most custom closet makers are very good at accomodating special or rare requests.

Alternatively, get rid of the cat.
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Those flip down drawer things are terrible. I have two and they are not usable for shoes. I had my turntables on them for a long time and taped the drawer-things closed so they wouldn't randomly slam open. Undoubtedly I will end up getting rid of them on Craigslist.
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