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Epaulet & Styleforum Flannel Shirt Poll

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Hey everyone, We're thrilled to announce a new collaborative shirt! This one is a slim flannel that's perfect for Fall. We're working to have this finished by the Sept 18th Styleforum party. This fabric is brand new, and should arrive in the States next week. It's beautiful in person - with a soft hand and really vibrant colors. I shudder to think about how good the shirts will be. Seriously. Due to time constraints, we're keeping things simpler this time. The shirt shape is fixed as a point-collar with trocas buttons. We're asking the SF community to vote for their top three colors - and we'll put those into production. Here are the details: Fabric A middle-weight 100% cotton brushed flannel in a range of multicolor gingham colorways. It comes from Portugal and has a ridiculously nice hand. It will make a really unique shirt - a slim flannel that works great as a casual piece but it still light enough to layer under a sweater or blazer. Shape I'm going to use a new pattern that has a slim point collar and left chest pocket. The rest of the specs (body, sleeves, darts, etc) will be our usual Epaulet fit. So if you already own an Epaulet shirt, you can expect this one to fit identically. Buttons The buttons will be our new "Copper Smoke" trocas shell. They'll have ass-kicking contrast with the fabric. You can see how they look on our Red Gingham Shirt The schedule will work like this: 1. From August 3rd to August 9th, Styleforum members can vote on their favorite color. 2.We'll choose the top three colors and put 20 units of each into production. The total shirt run will be 60 units. 3. The shirts will take about 3-4 weeks for production. We're going to try like hell to get them finished for our Sept 18th Styleforum party. We'll keep you updated on the status after they go into production. Onto the colors. Please choose your THREE favorite colors in the poll. Brown Gingham See larger image Purple Gingham See larger image Red Gingham See larger image Orange Gingham See larger image Pink Gingham See larger image
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Purple Purple Purple Purple
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If there's no red, I'm going to cry
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It HAS to be red or orange for a fall flannel. Purple won't work! Fabrics look rad though.
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red is booooorinnnng
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Purple, brown and pink. Let's go.
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Oh, and an informal question: would you like the fabric on the pocket to be bias cut? So that it looks like this:

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yeah the brown is nice too but I don't want to look like a hunter/woodsman and mike, not really
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flap pockets?
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Originally Posted by phoenixrecon View Post
flap pockets?

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I am all for and would prefer a bias cut actually.
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Pink, Red & Orange please
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Purple off to a commanding lead! I like, I like.
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i hope this thing can withstand snowboarding b/c that's all i'm wearing it for
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Yeah, I'm definitely loving the purple too.

Mike - Question: Are you going to offer these shirts online or are party goers getting first dibs. I'll be sad if I can't make it up to NY AND miss out on the purple flannel.
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