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Polo brown suede brouges

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Hi all:

I was wondering where to find some good brougues in polo brown suede. C&J discontinued the pair I wanted in polo brown suede. Now they have the Belgrave in polo brown. But I realy want some brouges, and can't seem to find them. Any ideas?
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What about these Stu...C&J Finsbury from Plal which can be had for around $290.

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I thought about those. I've looked long and hard at them, but the suede is a little darker than I am interested in. The only polo brown C&J makes that I know of these days is the Belgrave, and I am really looking for brouges.
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Try Alfred Sargent. They have semi brogues in a colour similar to C&J's polo brown. They should have full brogues, too.
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How about these Stu. They are the fearson from RL's Italian line available at Bluefly (cheap).

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Those look nice. Are they any good?

Damn, just noticed they are too small.
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These were available last Fall in Ralph Lauren stores, when I bought a pair on sale: http://www.bluefly.com/pages/product...&Nu=Product+ID They're C&J handgrades on the 337 last, according to an email response to my query to C&J. Note that they are blucher style. If bluefly no longer has your size, perhaps a local RL store can locate a pair at one of their stores. If you buy, I recommend going down 1/2 size from your usual *US* sizing. Even though they're marked in US sizes, the 337 last runs long. Edit: The bluefly retail price is fiction. RL regular retail price was $595.
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Bingo. And the winner is:


These are the Edward Green Cadogans from Sky Valet. Anyone have experience with these shoes?
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Well, they're EG and you can get the size/last/colour/etc you want so none of those will be an issue. But suede is like black leahther in that some might balk at paying the difference between EG and CJ, etc.
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