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How do I reset my computer settings?

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Sorry for such a lame question. My daughter installed a game and now the volume doesn;t work on my laptop. I know this is easy to fix -- all I gotta do is reset the computer to an earlier date when the sound worked. My 1-year free consultation ran out a few weeks ago and I forgot how to do this. Anyone?
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Are you thinking of Sytem Restore? If so, go to Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore. I've never used it, so I can't really help anymore than that.
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This can probably only be done if you had third-party software in place already, like Norton GoBack or Ghost. As a preventative measure in the future, I recommend getting Norton SystemWorks Premier which includes GoBack, Ghost and Antivirus. You should first try to fix the volume by using the "advanced" volume tool. Start, Run, sndvol32. This tool will give you a lot more volume sliders to fiddle with. Windows does have a built-in System Restore function but I believe it only fixes driver problems. If sndvol32 didn't work then your volume problem may be driver-related so you may want to look into System Restore. Go to Control Panel, System, Device Manager, find your sound card, Driver, Roll Back Driver. I think this has about a 20% chance of working.
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System Restore has gotten me out of a few jams, so its worth trying, but it fails as often as it succeeds (go through the process and get a 'sorry' message at the end)
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Thanks guys. Will try all this later.
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Have you tried right clicking the taskbar, selecting properties, and under the notification area select advanced then select the vloume icon and say display always.
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