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I recently picked up a copy of the 1960n Esquire with George Frazier's oft-quoted and referenced article on the art of dressing. It includes equally well referenced comments by Fred Astaire (throwing a new suit or hat against a wall to take the stiffness out etc etc) - he laments the passing of Double breasted suits and vows they will return one day. He also mentions how tailors back then were converting DBs to singles.

I am sure this was a neccessity as many men probably owned a huge amount of DBs before the War and then were faced with what to do with them - obviously a worse problem with a full wardrobe of very expensive or Bespoke DB suits.

While I realize pretty much anything (short of turning a single breasted into a DB, as Fred pointed out!) is possible with enough time, skill and money, I am wondering if this DB to SB conversion is still do-able? Does anyone do this in NYC, and is it super pricey?

I have a few doubles that were designed to button on lower button so they already have a low button stance. Just curious about this.