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On the Street in NYC....Mohawk

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two very cute models at The Sartorialist http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/

warning - tomorrow I will post a phioto of the most beautiful girl I have shot so far
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So much more honest than a faux hawk. Like the way it all works together, from the boots to the hair.
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When I first read the topic heading, I was ready to cringe, but this guy seems to make it work and all the elements work well and work off of each other in an interesting way. I certainly couldn't pull it off, but I give credit to the guy for being able to do so.

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There has to be at least three guys with mohawks here at Uni -- they all look like idiot poseurs. Now this guy; we could hang out. I want that jacket! Regards, Huntsman
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I agree about the jacket, Huntsman. This is a great look. Not far removed from what I like to wear for casual purposes, except for the mohawk. And I used to have one of those.
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The shades make it work. He'd look about half as good if he didn't have them.
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Originally Posted by montecristo#4
The shades make it work. He'd look about half as good if he didn't have them.

Definitely agree that the shades are key, but I think that the coat is a great touch as well. The whole look just hangs together nicely.

What's interesting (at least to me) is imagining the same guy in a different haircut/style. The outfit really gives him a lot - his face is not that unusual/striking. With a Trad haircut and outfit he could be an investment banker.

Just goes to show - clothing is costume.
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He looks great, like he's ready to go Travis Bickle on the whole damn city.
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Is the model in the picture on the site Cocoa who models for luciano Barbera? It sure looks like her
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So many things I normally dislike, but he really looks great.
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So awesome. I could never ever do this.
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Looks good. Travis Bickle came to my mind too. However, I doubt that Travis Bickle ever wore Rag & Bone, and I'm pretty sure that this guy's jacket is (or is a very decent H&M rip off of).
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In school this guy was once asked to write an essay about confidence. He submitted a picture of himself, he got an A+.

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this is great... pulls it off like not many could.
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Was this 1 posted at Andy's?

I was curious to see the comment there,but could not find the thread.
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