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Shirt Stays

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Anyone use these? Those elastic straps that clip to your shirt and socks to keep your shirt tucked in. Where do you find them? I have a pair and they really help keeping the shirt bunching down.
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hmmmmmm... i love these things! my husband has to wear them for work, and while they're a bit ridiculous looking, they also work wonders to keep his shirts from bunching. the thing about shirt stays (also called "shirt garters" or "uniform stays") is that they're mostly used by military and law enforcement. so if you're looking to buy some, you've got to go to military or le sites. there are several different styles; "straight" stays clip to your socks and to the hem of your shirt (2 on each leg; one in the front, one in the back). "y-shaped" stays are shaped like, well, the letter 'Y' with two clips at the top (one for the front, one for the back of the shirt hem) and one at the bottom (to clip to the top of your sock). then, there are the stirrup style y-shaped stays, which have two clips at the top, and a loop that you hook over your foot at the bottom. my husband prefers to use the straight stays, because they move independently of each other when he's working or playing music (jazz & punk percussion) and has to... move... anyway, all styles have their own merits and difficulties (when the front straight stay pops off of your sock, it can easily spring back and jeopardize the baby-makers). i get my husband's straight-stays through the south carolina state troopers association ( because they sell the marine-issue kind which supposedly hold up the best. you can get the y-shaped ones as well as straight-stays at "The Supply Sergeant" military clothing store ( just click on 'miscellaneous' towards the bottom of the left menu bar, then 'military uniform shirt stays.' oh, and don't worry... buying things from either of these places will not sign you up to any sort of military/cop/gun nut email list or anything
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Wait what? You attach your shirt ... to your socks?!
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this sort of thing.

Adding pics and description for posterity:

Shirt Garters
These uniform shirt garters keep your shirt tails tucked in for the entire day. Snaps onto the shirt tail and the other end connects to the top of your socks.

How it works It works like this: at the end of the elastic shirt garter- there is a metal hoop and a loosely-fitted rubber stud assembled into a clip. The clip is secured by slipping a layer of cloth against the hoop and then locking the rubber stud into the hoop. This causes the clip to tightly grip the cloth. Each shirt garter is comprised of two such clips at each end of a long elastic garter.

One of our most popular items! Each set consists of 4 garters (2 for the front - 2 for the back)
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Somebody should win a fuck1ng Nobel prize for this...pure genius!
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So glad to see this thread alive! I ended up ordering some from a uniform supply. I wear them daily and they really keep shirts tucked in and looking great.
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I don't, I know they use them quite frequently in the armed forces. I suppose you could get them from a surplus store or something but your probably looking for something a bit more formal looking, in which case I wouldn't know where to get them.
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so i get how these would be great for walking around all day, what about when sitting? do they tug and stretch when you sit down or what?
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^I was also wondering about this and would like to know the answer. When seated, do the garters press against the inside of the trouser leg?

Also asked in another thread, but have yet to receive an answer.
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These are great. As you walk, they literally polish your knob. I had mine special ordered out of bemberg for a maximum shine.
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I wore these when I went to a military school. They keep a very tight tuck on your shirt when standing up for parade, which looks good. They do cause the pants leg to bunch up and wrinkle excessively around the knee when you sit down. I also found them to rub patches of hair off of your legs from the tension when you sit. Over time, I grew to hate them, and have never worn them voluntarily since.
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so i'm thinking of getting a pair despite the previous comment or thinking of just asking my tailor to cut my shirts extra long. i commute by bike or motorcycle most days, and looking good while biking seems damned near impossible.

any experience with these on a bike versus extra long shirts?
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I can't imagine that the added neatness is worth the discomfort.
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I used these in the military. Yes they work, and yes they are annoying.
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Originally Posted by Artigas View Post
^I was also wondering about this and would like to know the answer. When seated, do the garters press against the inside of the trouser leg?

Also asked in another thread, but have yet to receive an answer.

I wore these all the time back in my USMC days. If you don't wrap the stays around your legs a few times, they will press against your trousers when you sit down. Two or three wraps and they are good to go. Also, make sure the flat part is against your skin and not the metal part or you will pay dearly in lost skin and leg hair. They take a little getting used to when you first wear them, but after about 30 minutes or so, you won't even know they are on.

Now, if you have a large belly or an ill-fitting shirt then do not use shirt stays. They work best if you are fit, trim, and are wearing a nicely tailored shirt and a snugly fitting undershirt (this is of utmost importance). Tucking your undershirt into your boxers/briefs will help alot.

A few obvious pointers: if you are wearing light colored trousers with a lighter weave, use white shirt stays. Buy about 6 sets and rotate them. Once they get that stretched-too-far look, toss 'em and get a replacement set.
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