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Interview attire- entertainment internship

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Okay everyone, I know this topic has been beat to death all over fashion boards, but I want some help w/ my situation. I'll be interviewing in NYC at some record labels for an internship position in a few months. I only own a black suit at this point, and I know I shouldn't wear it per other advice on the board. I'm going to Chicago in October to get some great interview attire (prob at Barneys/Neimans/saks etc). I want to be appropriately dressed for the position and the industry I will be working in. I also want to make sure there's a bit of fashion forward aspects to my suit purchase because I want to love what I get and use it. I'll be getting shoes, shirts, and a nice suit. I'm 5' 9" /135/ size 29/30 waist. I fit very well into Euro designers cuts like Dior, Margiella, Dries Van Noten, Prada, Jil Sander etc. for my regular wardrobe (not suits). I don't have 3 g's to spend on a suit either. Probably around 800-1000 max. What would you wear if you were me. Remember, I'll be in NYC for a few days, so I may need a couple shirt options. Thanks, I appreciate it.... Pete
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Keep in mind that the entertainment industry doesn't usually track stylistically with other businesses. Especially in NYC, a black suit might actually be appropriate for such an interview. It would be helpful, though, to know for what sort of internship positions you're interviewing, and with which companies. There's a big difference between doing PR for an indie label and corporate accounting at Atlantic Records.
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Thanks pstoller... great point. I'm interviewing for a marketing/communications intern position at 2 bigger independent labels right now. Plus, I am in the process setting up an interview in November with BMG and Sony Music Group on Madison Ave. Others in the works right now include Arista and Elektra. So, I guess I am going from huge corporate to smaller indie. I guess there will be a difference. No major number crunching here. Mostly com work (PR, ADV,MTG). Cheers, Pete
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Pete - I am actually in a very similar position right now. I am a comm major and looking to intern this spring/summer, hopefully with a fairly reputable firm doing mainly PR work although I am also investigating doing a bit of creative writing if I can find an oportunity to do so. I would like to talk with you about how exactly you went about setting up your interviews, it seems you were very successful in being able to hook up with some larger companies. If you wouldn't mind sending me an email with a few pointers, I would be grateful. As for the suit, I think the emphasis for the moment should be on presenting yourself as professionally as possible. Navy or black would be acceptable, so long as you are dressing the part of a motivated young intern, looking for an educational experience in the industry. If the black suit fits you well, you could simply coordinate with a few shirt combinations, or perhaps a vest to spice it up a bit. JUst my $0.02
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As a former A&R intern at Mercury Records, I can offer some advice. Record companies are amazingly informal, especially in the A&R department. Jeans and t-shirts were common, even among some of the senior staff. It never (ever) got more formal than a suit, no tie -- unless Goldberg, the CEO, was meeting with the Universal board, then he threw on a tie. Clearly, I do not advocate wearing jeans and a t-shirt to your interview. While it's better to overdress than underdress, that doesn't mean it's good to overdress. A suit with no tie should be at the top end of what you're considering - I agree with pstoller that a black suit would not be as inappropriate as in some other venues. If it were me, however, I'd forego the suit and wear trousers and a dress shirt. You mention that your closet consists of designers like Dior, Prada, Jil Sander. A word of caution - even though these companies are selling "cool", it does not mean that their offices are like fashion runways. They are in business for the same reason as everyone else: to make money. Entertainment is serious business, with lots of money involved. They are looking for people who can help their margins, not to look hip in the office. Remember this when choosing your clothes. Lastly, good luck, have fun and learn a lot. Internships are a great way to learn about a business and sharpen your coffee making/lunch getting skills (hey, we all did it). But first and foremost, it is simply the best way to network - meet as many people as you can and stay in touch with them when you leave. More often than not, they'll turn into job opportunities when you graduate.
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I mentioned those designer names because they fit me well (to go off of for suit types to look for)... not because I was going to get all clubbed out and go to an interview Thanks for the great advice... It's a fine line that is hard I guess. I really appreciate your insight. Thank You, Pete
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any ideas on color, attire, etc. Pete
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How about a charcoal flannel, donegal tweed or birdseye sportsjacket with a light or medium grey shirt and a dark knit tie. The trousers could be a darker, heavier crepe or worsted wool, maybe in navy if you can get the color to match. This way, you will look professional but relaxed. I know that many on this board like brown or cordovan shoes with their navy trousers, but stick with black balmorals. My impression is that potential employers look for solid guys, and those with too much flair, for lack of a better word, are often percieved as not being such.
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