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Brand Synergy

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I'm sure there's been many posts regarding this, but I don't see a thread.

What I want to ask is: what is wrong with buying clothes you think look great?

I feel like a lot of people have this snobbish point of view that to wear clothes you should already have a overarching style identity to wear them. But what if you just don't give a crap and you just like clothes? What's wrong with appreciating different sides of the fashion spectrum? Maybe it's not so prevalent on here as here everybody here pretty much has the same uniform, but on sz and sufu I feel like people have this idea that if you're gothninja you should stay gothninja, if you're workwear you're workwear, if you're prep you're prep.

I'm writing here just because I feel more comfortable with you guys as well as because I feel the question is not far off from don't wear boat shoes unless you have a boat.

Who says you have to subscribe to one philosophy? Is it wrong to go to Atelier and say that Carol Christian Poell leather jacket is just gorgeous and 10 minutes later go to BiG and say that loopwheeled Pure Blue Japan sweater is just beautiful?

What's wrong with appreciating the individual garments more so than the designer and the context and concept to which they subscribe?

Clearly workwear and prep and menswear go somewhat together, but is it really such a sin to wear rick owens and luc and altieri with blue jeans instead of black?

But I can see how to appreciate and subscribe to one identity you have to in many ways think that other identities are somewhat inferior (otherwise you wouldn't subscribe to your identity. nobody deliberately subscribes to an inferior identity).

Ahhh. This is hard to think through. Somebody recommend art criticism theory books to me.
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I don't buy into one aesthetic either I wear comme with rick owens, raf with apc, lanvin with carpe diem you just need to find things that work. People who boast brand synergy do not have a creative mind of their own.

I buy what I like and find ways to integrate them.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I'm writing here just because I feel more comfortable with you guys

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You make gheysex jokes, but you're afraid of kneebags? Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks. Make your mind up lol.
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