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If you stare long enough at this "handmade ostrich condom" by sruli recht you will notice that the tip is indeed studded for her pleasure...

Just in case any of you have an anniversary coming up...
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

Local Area Woman in Shock When Former J. Crew Looking Boyfriend Suddenly Shows up in Needles Rebuild After Two Years of Dating.

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So Grailed is fucking sweet.
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I think I'm alone on this, but I've never sold anything online before. With Grailed, I just might put some stuff up for sale... 

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And now Grailed aren't covering paypal fees anymore.

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Random Fashion Thought: I'm really surprised that with the move towards more and more customization (not just in clothes, but in everything), someone hasn't started a good bespoke tailoring service for well-designed casual clothes. Not like shirts, but jackets, sweaters, and shoes.

I realize there's much less need for this in non-traditionally tailored clothes, but I can also imagine people using the service for things they can't find elsewhere on the market. I mean, there are M65s right now being sold for $1,250+. I imagine a bespoke tailoring house that specializes in casual clothes could make one for less than that, and just as good.

They do jeans etc.
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Magic week at Yoox!

So exciting.

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Anybody have any recommendations on garment steamers (any ones that you really like, any to stay away from)?
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Originally Posted by dwyhajlo View Post

Anybody have any recommendations on garment steamers (any ones that you really like, any to stay away from)?

I've been happy with this one:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

I believe jet recommended it.
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nvm double
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

I don't know what kind of "means of production" you'd really need, TBH. Besides the kind of things you'd find in a tailor's workshop - sewing machines, ironing system, etc. For casualwear, you could probably just get a CAD system to draft your patterns, rather than have some old guy do each piece from scratch, and you might need some washing machines for post-production processes, if that's what the client wanted. I assume you could even contract the last bit out, if those machines are too expensive.

I don't think people who are buying $1,250 jackets are as wedded to RTW as you think though. ToJ has basically built a good business from offering MTM leather jackets, and if they wanted to, they could let people customize some more of the details (it would just add to their work, but I imagine that could be made up for in price).

Jack/ Knife in San Francisco does this, I think. Multiple fittings, designs from scratch, etc. They just do it on the workwear/ denim end -- so things like chore coats, jeans, workwear shirts, etc. I'm just surprised there's not more of it.

There would obviously be some limitations -- like no custom hardware or custom fabrics, which would require big runs -- but I can't really see why there couldn't be a business built from making super high-end casualwear through a bespoke process. Esp for things like jackets, shoes, and knitwear -- where there's already a demand for high-end goods.

For shoes and knitwear, a lot of extant companies already do MTO/MTM.  I know that there are companies that do jackets as well.  


Honestly, for me, I am wedded to RTW, at least in my casual wardrobe.  I pay for design, unique materials, etc...  I've gotten pretty good at doing MTO for footwear, and can participate in part of the design process.  But I mean, really, I am not going to design a better boot than the Viberg Service boot or the Edward Green Galway.  And in leather jackets, anything I do would be a riff off of classic shapes.  My favorite pieces are all in unique materials or shapes that are just not that easily found.


Even then, I sometimes to to retailers, and though I could have gotten the exact makeup done, it didn't enter my imagination until the exact moment I saw it. 


So, I'll get suits and jackets MTM/Bespoke, and do some MTO footwear, but fo a lot of stuff, I prefer RTW.

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And now Grailed aren't covering paypal fees anymore.

It's like Bing.  At the end of the day, you can't hang your hat on "we will pay for your shit."  


Grailed definitely has some potential, and I'm impressed with the layout, which allows users to display their wares as if they were at a high end online boutique, but c'mon, they weren't going to pay your fees forever.  A possible business plan might be to cut a deal with Paypal so that sellers get a 1% cashback (payouts only coming after $100 is reached), or 1.25% credit on Grailed purchases, give Paypal 1-1.5%, and pocket the rest.   I don't know the particulars of the site, so it's hard for me to know if this is actually feasible.  But that would be a move that I would consider making.

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I am in Florence right now and I am a bit disappointed with the clothing stores (probably because I don't know where to shop) and the prices are a bit high.

I'm thinking of heading to Milan to do some shopping and visit the outlets. Has anyone here been before? Worth going or should I just skip Milan altogether. What other cities in Northern Italy should I check out?
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I've been for Salone, so didn't really go clothes shopping, but there are plenty of shops around.

Someone on here did a Florence shopping guide awhile ago, I think it was @gdl203
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eBay must have a fashion blogger writing copy to push their collection feature...


Icon in Paris

collection created by fashion-curation
Strutting nonchalantly across the sandy walkways of the Tuileries Gardens. The sound of grit crunching beneath her leopard print heels makes bystanders turn and observe her. A dramatic oversize hat keeps fashion fans intrigued. There’s something about her of course; she’s Parisian.
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