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but I realllly want those pants
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this is about women's but it's still really interesting and worth a read. cathy horyn also takes aim at hedi slimane again, not in an aggressive way, just pointing out what his role is in fashion today: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/18/commercialization-of-high-fashion-hedi-slimane-ysl-nicolas-ghesquiere-louis-vuitton/?_php=true&_type=blogs&smid=tw-tmagazine&_r=0
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i thought the monk comment was pretty funny
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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post

Shanghai Cafe
100 Mott St
Btwn Canal St & Hester St
(212) 966-3988
(For the best XLB/soup dumplings in Chinatown)

Anything else good at this spot? It's literally around the corner from my office. Have to check it out.

Today for lunch I had the spicy & sour lamb dumplings from Xian, which is pretty close by. So goooood.

I think my favorite Japanese curry is Go Go Curry. It's kinda cheap and kitschy and obviously not as sophisticated as Curry-ya, but I don't even care. The curry flavor and hot sauce are just spot on for me. Curry-ya is still awesome though.
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Sticky rice from Shanghai cafe is pretty good. Besides that, i've found it to be just ok besides the soup dumplings (which are totally amazing), though that might be my own personal taste.

Bossanova ramen is also right there. I got a pretty good cup of cold beet/roasted garlic noodles at smorgasburg this sunday and it was weird but pretty good and I want to check out their main store.

X'ian is good (been to the one on the UWS) but so goddamn heavy. I can't imagine eating there for lunch during the workweek.
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I really wanted dumplings when I was in NYC this weekend. Did.not.eat.them.

Ended up on a tinder adventure instead thanks to friends that got on my phone over lunch. It was a pretty hilarious night. Walks of shame are the best when you have no fucking clue where you are and where the subway is.

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Hong Kong Cafe is about a block down (Elizabeth and Bayard) and has some pretty darn good salt & pepper squid and General Tso's if you like americanized stuff. 

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I wish they made it in blue.
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@pickpackpockpuck, their rice cake dishes are pretty solid and their scallion pancakes are decent.

I really love the noodle soups at:

Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles
1 Doyers St
Btwn Bowery & Pell St
(212) 791-1817

and the dumplings from:

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle
144 E Broadway
Btwn Pike St & Rutgers St
(212) 566-6933

along with the Mount Qi beef noodle soup from:

Super Taste
26 Eldridge St
Btwn Canal St & Division St
(212) 625-1198

Also on noodles:

102 Noodles Town (Formerly Big Wing Wong)
102 Mott St
Btwn Canal St & Hester St
(212) 274-0696

Makes one of my favorite wonton noodle soups and their 'Pork With Thousand Year Egg Congee' is easily the best congee in Chinatown.

There used to be this place on the corner of Pell St & Mott St that made ridiculously good Chinese Almond Tofu that was served chilled but I don't know what happened to them. Now you can barely find this except during Dim Sum hours in certain restaurants. frown.gif
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@pickpackpockpuck, not related to NYC food recommendations, but I just finished rereading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I think it'd been a solid decade since I first read it. I was simultaneously amazed at how much I remembered and how much I'd forgotten.
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thanks for the all chinatown food recs. I've tried some and missed others. tasty hand-pulled noodle is a regular spot, though I find it can be way too greasy if I get the fried noodles. never loved super taste, but it's the favorite for some of my coworkers. will add the spots I've missed to the lunch list.

notwithit -- yeah, I hear ya. I don't think the plot is super memorable or anything, especially to a kid of 16-20, which I'm guessing you were a decade ago, if not younger (never know how old people are on here, except that they're usually younger than me). hope you liked it though. I know it's not a book a lot of people love. for me the draw is the prose. still think it's the best English prose I've read. it's so consistently excellent too, and the structure is flawless. the book is like a diamond.

I'm reading Moby Dick now for my second time and there are spots where the language is really extraordinary, especially all the soliloquies, but then there are also those extended reveries on cetology and philosophizing and those lose me. it's so good and then so boring at turns. what a weird book...
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Chilled almond tofu is one of my favorite deserts. Haven't had any in forever. Damn. Boba places should make it.
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Haha I eat that stuff daily in the summer, love it
Lemme know if y'all need an almond tofu proxy
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I like JE tees, but looking for something in a v neck...any recs for something with a similar drapey/slim cut in white v neck?
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