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anyone handled these siki im bombers from h lorenzo and/or forward? thoughts or sizing input on either?

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size up 1
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you have the spring or winter bomber?
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I would say TTS but you could maybe go up 1 if you want an oversized fit (just keep in mind sleeve length--don't want them too long). I'm a 48 and have the bottom one in a sz II and the fit is spot on for me. If you're looking for a II feel free to PM me. Letting mine go to put money toward other purchases.

Edit: actually might know someone with a III available if you're looking for that size, though not sure he's committed to selling.
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Yeah I am a size 48 and find size II nice fit. I just feel like the slimmer, cropped outerwear pieces can be sized up 1

The first jacket is padded so keep that in mind. I would personally size up on the spring '14 jacket just because it looks pretty slim fitting

@pickpackpockpuck Would know more though, and I'm sure he can hook you up if you need that size II
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I'm a 54, thinking the 4 would work best
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Reedo is still alive. He liked one of my photos on ig the other day. inlove.gif
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Wait, how come I don't have your IG? peepwall[1].gif
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h e h h e h

It demands extra-extensive snooping around on your smartphone.
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My madre patria Spains military uniforms

Who designed this shit? I'd wear it though
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Are you sure thats not from mardi gras
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Looks like something out of a gay pride parade.
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They'll end up in TK Maxx.

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Went to a place called Harrolds in Sydney today - Rick, Lanvin, Balmain etc - my wife was extremely fascinated by the man skirts.
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Was there anything worth buying in Harrolds?

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